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Candida, Greetings Dr. Stoll! Testimonial

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Candida, Greetings Dr. Stoll!!!!

Posted by
Brian Smith on February 17, 2000 at 11:28:39:

Greetings Dr. Stoll,

I admire your work and I am already very thankful of your web site and caring attitude. You don't know me but I know you through a couple of friends. One of these friends is Levada Bishop. Levada is what I consider to be agreat testimonial to your knowledge and caring attitude. Levada saw you stometime in the 80's she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and basically sent home to die until she found you. Now Levada is a healthy person who no longer is sick thanks to your caring attitude Walt, and also you honesty. I have found over the last year that honesty is so crucial when it comes to a doctor patient relationship.

Now my problem, I have been sick for about 1 year with digestive problems. Over the last year I was beginning to lose hope that I was going to die as bad as I have felt then one day things started to change. I met one of my mothers customers Levada Bishop and she told me her story now I am a lot closer to getting well thanks to this lady.

My history, I have had these tests done, Thyroid, Gall-bladder, Pancreas, H-Pylori, Basic Metabolic Panel, Hair Analysis, Blood Analysis, Lower G-I, Upper G-I, Great Smokies Stool Analysis, and a Livcell Analysis.

The only tests that came back abnormal was H-Pylori was positive, Hair Analysis showed no toxic poisoning from metals, Sulfur and Magnesium were low. Stool Analysis showed everything as pretty normal outside of one little micro-organism (or should I say an organism from Hell), Candida Albicans was a 4+ the worst rating possible.

I have spent over a year running to different doctors in the local area, Louisville, Kentucky without much progress. I just recently have gotten all the puzzle pieces together after the stool analysis and Livcell analysis that my Naturopath has done. I got into see a Naturopath after taking antibiotics for the H-Plori which literally crippled me. That was before I knew I had a leaky gut and a major yeast problem.

My Naturopath on my first visit did a Livcell analysis which you also used to dianose Levada Bishop years ago with yeast. My Natoropath told me that I had a leaky gut and showed me what he called yeast that were budding in my blood. He says that my cells look healthy except for these two things. He hten put me on a Herbal Colon Cleanse, MSM, and some probiotics. This has helped a little. Me second visist he looked at my blood again after getting my difestive stool analysis back same story. Yeast were still there. The then put me on oil of oregano which isn't even listed on the back page of the Great Smokies report as being effective in killing my yeast. Diflucan, Sporaznol were most effective, Nystatin was in the moderate range, and then there were a few things that were in the least sensistive range.

This is where I need your help Walt. I don't think the oIl of Oregano will be enough in combating my 4+ yeast overgrowth. I have been on this three weeks now. I have heard you and Bob talk about Nystatin a lot and that is what you put Laveda on. I just want to get my Leaky Gut heled and the yeast gone, and I think once the yeast are gone the gut will heal until the I am fighting a losing battle. What I have decided to do is use the next several weeks much like a military general would do and my forces for a major fight. I want to learn as much as I can from your book and this web site. Then I want to build a program to fight this creature from Hell that has invaded my body and crippled my health for several years now. Please help Walt need your advice. If I go back to my Naturopath in a few weeks and my blood still looks the same on a livcell analysis then I am going to start my program and send out my own forces to do war.

Plan Of Battle

If I still have H-Pylor do I need to eradicate it first(what would you and Bob recommend)
Do I need to heal the Leaky Gut first or go after the Candida.
What do I need to use (Nystatin or something else, please help Walt)

I trust your judgement completely Walt your name has been mentioned too much in this area and you don't even live around Louisville Kentucky anymore. I want to become like Laveda Another Testimonial, please help. If it takes me coming to see you in Florida I will, just want to be well and get on the right plan to get well.

Again I am very thankful for this web-site and what you have done for so many people over the years Walt.


Brian Smith

Old Patient Testimonial, New Person with Candida

Posted by
Brian L. Smith on February 17, 2000 at 22:34:49:

In Reply to: Candida, Greetings Dr. Stoll!!!! posted by Brian Smith on February 17, 2000 at 11:28:39:

Well Walt If you can help me on this Bulletin board this is where we can start we can try the Bulletin board thing first. I just need some help with my problem I just purchased your book today and have started putting more Vitamin C in my body. Thats the only thing I have changed this far. So Ill let you take over for now, let me know what steps you would recommend me take next, I feel like I have covered the area of tests well if you think I need more I can do these too.

What do we start with H-Pylori, Yeast, Leaky Gut, etc...what do we use Diet (what type), Anti-Fungal (which one), how do I know if things are working what do I use to monitor myself (maybe my doctors Livcell analysis?) my Natoropath.

Please help Walt your experience is greatly appreciated I trust you completely.

Re: Candida, Greetings Dr. Stoll!!!! TESTIMONIAL from KY.

Posted by Walt Stoll on February 27, 2000 at 09:32:28:

In Reply to: Candida, Greetings Dr. Stoll!!!! posted by Brian Smith on February 17, 2000 at 11:28:39:

Thanks, Brian.

Say hello to Levada for me and congratulations to her for taking what we had to teach her to heart. You have the Kentucky Medical Licensing Board to thank for why what we discovered really helped people is not already the standard of practice in KY. Actually, although many other states are already catching on, KY still is doing what it can to destroy any docs in the area who want to offer it to THEIR patients.

You need to focus ALL of your efforts to eliminating the LGS first. It will do little good for you to eliminate the H. Pylori or the candida without that since they will just recur so long as the LGS is still present.

How are you doing with your SR, exercise and healthy diet?

In the meantime, taking any of the things that improve intestinal lining integrity or make it unpleasant for any unwelcome bugs to live in the gut, would probably help some.

Let us know how you do.


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