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Questions about my CDSA

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Questions about my CDSA

Posted by
Barbara on December 08, 2000 at 10:05:19:

I received my CDSA report today. I was surprised that I got it because I was under the impression that it would go to the doctor.

Under digestion it says my meat fibers were abnormal
Under microbiology it says:
Lactobacillus 0+
Bifidobacterium 2+
Escherichia coli 0+
Gamma Strep2+
Haemolytic E coli 4+
Morganella Morgani 4+
Not Grp A or B strep 4+

No growth of yeast
Fecal pH was 7.7 above the reference range
Bacterial Dysbiosis Index was 17 (severe)
Everything else was in the normal range.

I'm not exactly sure what bacterial dysbiosis is or how to correct it. How do I get rid of these other bacterium without antibiotics? I did the intestinal formula to clean the bowels. I also take ADP. I'm wondering how I can have such an overgrowth of bad bacteria and no yeast. I look at this report and I think how bad it must have been a few months ago before I started on the probiotics and wellness path!!

Any suggestions??


Re: Questions about my CDSA (Archive in Candida.)

Posted by Walt Stoll on December 10, 2000 at 07:29:10:

In Reply to: Questions about my CDSA posted by Barbara on December 08, 2000 at 10:05:19:

Hi, Barbara.

First, if your physician is knowledgable, she is the one to interpret this for you since it only makes sense in conjunction with your general condition and history.

Next, one of the weaknesses of a developing science like this is that there are lots of false negatives in the lab test. If the test is positive, it is positive since this is done microscopically and the organism cannot be invented under the microscope. However, many of the negatives only means that it was not seen, not that it was not there.

It is like when your spouse says something is in the refrigerator and you can't find it. Just because you can't see it is no reason to think it is not there (grin).

The very best labs in the country only find one in 5 of the test organisms placed in the specimen. Your local labs only find one in 50. This is for the first time it is checked. This is why for these kind of results, it is best to send multiple specimens and average the results.

The best way I would approach this lab result (not necessarily you as an individual) would be with high doses of probiotics and FOS while dealing with the LGS. Then, a few months after that I would repeat the test and consider treating any bad organisms still present.

Hope this helps.


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