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Posted by Christine Galendez on February 14, 1999 at 03:47:59:

My now 2 year old daughter has had severe full body eczema
which first appeared when she was 4 months old.She is very limited to what she can eat without breaking out with e.Can a mother give a child leaky gut, because she has only been on antibiotics once for 1 week. What treatment would you suggest to heal her gut so she can eat more of a variety of food like fruit.

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Re: leaky gut-infant

Posted by Walt Stoll on February 15, 1999 at 07:38:01:

In Reply to: leaky gut-infant posted by Christine Galendez on February 14, 1999 at 03:47:59:

Hi, Christine.

LGS in an infant is almost always associated with C-RS and is pretty easy to treat.

It is even likely that this would be resolved by a couple of months of 750,000 units of pure Nystatin Powder orally 4 times a day while also giving at least 6 billion live acidophilus organisms 4 times a day.

I would also give this child the essential oils described on the homepage of this 'site. Those doses are calculated for an average 150# person and the doses can be altered to the weight of the child (Although she could not be hurt by the adult doses, your pocketbook would be unnecessarily strained.)

Let us know how she does. Just the essential oils, alone, will help a lot within a couple of months at the longest.

This COULD have been precipitated by the antibiotics but it is more likely that the child has a genetic susceptibility to this and will have to be careful about diet & stress-effect storage all her life to stay healthy.


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