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Posted by Jean B. on February 21, 1999 at 15:00:33:

What probiotics do you recommend for LGS? I have
been using Natren Heathy trinity for almost 3 months
and no change? Also, How long should one be on probiotics? Is there a danger in being on probiotics?

Does colon water therapy irritate the large intestine? I
did one and it made me worse.

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Re: LGS ?

Posted by Walt Stoll on February 22, 1999 at 10:52:32:

In Reply to: LGS ? posted by Jean B. on February 21, 1999 at 15:00:33:

Hi, Jean.

Although probiotics can be a very helpful PART pof a program for LGS, I have yet to see them RESOLVE a case. The resolution of LGS has to be a many pronged approach of which, in the long run, SR is the most powerful single thing.

In the meantime a comprehensive program that included probiotics would be what I would do for myself. Go to the website at FXMED.COM about the 4-R program.

I see no way that probiotics could hurt anyone no matter how long they took them.

However, colonics CAN be harmful if the LGS is severe enough. One would have to be VERY gentle & gradually build up the procedure to avoid what you experienced. Remember, what I have said many times about regular colonics. People with LGS probably need them and people with a normally functioning gut do not.


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