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Primal Defense or Flora Source? When to colon cleanse?

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Primal Defense or Flora Source? When to colon cleanse?

Posted by Anna on July 30, 2001 at 11:34:07:

I have a couple questions for any of the experts regarding my situation. I have scrolled this web-site for about a year now and I want to take action NOW to regain my health. I spent four long days last week crying my eyes out because of how sick I feel. But, it was a "good" crying time because I feel like a changed and motivated person! There is NO turning back now!!!!!!!! The thought of eating any sugar again repulses me and the carbos make me sick also. They literally did make me sick and now they mentally make me want to make them a a bad memory for me. I also find that, I cannot even stand whole red potatoes or brown rice and so I think for at least a long while, grains have to be eliminated. That is why I think the scd diet will work nicely for me. Here are my problems and I contacted a doctor today that is an MD that is now just treating alternatively. It is like a dream come true! He will be calling me within the next day or so to talk and then set up an appointment. But, he is going on vacation for 3 weeks but I cannot wait that long to get started so I will take matters in my own hands for now until he gets back! But, here are my questions for now:

I have candida, leaky gut, probable parasites, food sensitivities to wheat, grains, sugar for sure, fibromyalgia, chronic, severe diarrhea.... I know ALL of these are the same!!!!!!!!!

1. Should I get on Primal Defense or Flora Source? Which one seems to work better? I researched at Crohns.net and they like Primal Defense. What do all of you suggest? Do these products kill yeast and parasites like they claim to?

2. Should I fight the candida immediately and does that mean I now start on the candida diet while doing so? Can I take the Primal Defense or Flora Source during this time?

3. How do you know the candida is clear and you can start introducing fruits back into your diet?

4. Should I do a colon cleanse and when should I do it? Before candida treatment, during or after? Do you recommend a specific product?

5. What other products should I be taking during this time? L glutamine for leaky gut? Anything else? Do you know of certain, cheaper companies that can sell this to me? Also, for the colon cleanse?

I think this is all of my questions. I cannot tell you how eager and happy I am to get started. I cannot explain in words what a transformation has taken place in me. It is like I saw God! That is how good I feel about taking charge of my health! And pertaining to God, I am sure HE has a big part in allowing me to get to this point of no return in reclaiming my health! I have prayed endless hours to HIM about this and I guess my prayers have been answered!

Thanks and I hope to hear from some of you!

Re: Primal Defense or Flora Source? When to colon cleanse?

Posted by Helping you on July 30, 2001 at 13:29:53:

In Reply to: Primal Defense or Flora Source? When to colon cleanse? posted by Anna on July 30, 2001 at 11:34:07:

I feel your frustration. Make your program simple. Think of it like this. Your body ecology is out of whack. we want to get it back in sync again. There is a general order to treating this problem. Here are the general rules. But keep in mind that these can change slightly depending on your problem.

1) ELIMINATE INFECTIONS FROM YOUR BODY - You must adopt a diet that does not feed bacteria. You must also take anti-microbials to kill the bugs directly. For FANTASTIC information on diet, go to www.mercola.com. Click on "NUTRITION HELP". This diet is in accordance with much research that I have been doing on the optimal diet for human beings for almost 6 years now. This program is sensational. Impliment as many of these dietary changes as you can.

Also, you will need to start an antifunal program to get rid of the bugs. For an effective program on doing that, go to www.health-truth.com and read all about candida and anti-fungal treatment. This program is responsible for getting me out of a candida infection that some doctors couldn't treat because it had mutated too many times and became too strong. However, with proper diet, relaxation and anti-fungal treatment, I eliminated the infection.

Primal Defense is the bacteria product that can help you right now. It changes your intestinal environment so that candida cannot live there. Take this for at least 90 days and work up to 6-12 tablets a day. If they are in capsule form, you must get up to 10-20 capsules a day. The tablets are stronger.

Don't worry about strong colon cleansing at this time. If your elimination does not improve on your diet, consider a fiber supplement called "HERBAL FIBERBLEND". Again, search the web.

You must increase your water to 8-10 glasses a day for this program to work

2) CLEAN OUT YOUR DIGESTIVE TRACT - you will be doing a lot of this on this on the first part of the program. In general, I do not believe in harsh colon cleansers. Your diet, herbal fiberblend, primal defense, and water will eventually clean your colon just fine. In order to help further, you may want to consider a plant enzyme formula to help you digest your food while on this program. You will be changing food items and your digestive system will be adverse to this in the begining. expect constipation or other problems as your body adjusts. The enzymes can help a lot. A good formula is Maximizer (www.Rgarden.com). If this is too harsh, they have a lighter formula that you can read about on their website.

3) REPLACE PROBIOTICS - NOW it is time to take Flora Source. It is best taken as a powder just before meals. The foods acts as a growth medium for the cultures. This is all you need to do for your probiotics. This product works like no other I have seen

4) CORRECT LEAKY GUT SYNDROME - You will be starting to do this on the first two parts. each part leads into the other parts. Once the bugs are gone and your digestion is improved, there are only 2 things you have to do to heal your leaky gut. One, is to take L-glutamine. The dose should be from 5-12g. I have said up to 15g but I believe 12g to be a better upper limit. Most people start to run into constipation problems above 10g. L-glutamine could heal a bullet hole in your intestines (LOL).

The other, and most important because it helps your whole body, is SR (Skilled Relaxation). Look this up in the archives. It will do amazing things for your body. Neglect this and you will most likely relapse.

So, to recap, change your diet. Start an anti-fungal program. Start practicing SR immediately. Take Primal Defense, if you wish, for the infections. Increase fiber. This is all you need to do for at least 3 months if not a little longer. here is a way to check for yeast. Take a urine sample first thing in the morning. Put it in a plastic specimen cup and leave it out (capped of course). The next day, look for curddle on top of the specimen. The more curddle there is, the more yeast you have. When the curddle is gone, the yeast is gone. Then, start taking FLORA SOURCE and L-glutamine.

At that point, you would have most likely conquered many of your symptoms. If not, it means there are other imabalances that need attending to but I doubt you will make it that far without significant relief.

If you need help with taking the edge off, try taking SAM-e starting at 200mg a day and increasing to 1200mg a day if needed (always in divided doses). this increases serotonin in the brain and will help alleviate depression. I don't think you will need it but it works if you decide to try it although it takes a few weeks to notice benefit. 1200mg was the dose most associated with a decrease in depression.

Well, that gives you plenty to do doesn't it? :) :)

Do a little homework on these ideas and come back if you have questions.

Nice tip on checking for yeast. nmi

Posted by beth on July 30, 2001 at 22:20:28:

In Reply to: Re: Primal Defense or Flora Source? When to colon cleanse? posted by Helping you on July 30, 2001 at 13:29:53:


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Re: Primal Defense or Flora Source? When to colon cleanse? (Archive in colon.)

Posted by Walt Stoll on August 01, 2001 at 07:20:25:

In Reply to: Re: Primal Defense or Flora Source? When to colon cleanse? posted by Helping you on July 30, 2001 at 13:29:53:

Thanks, Helping.



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