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Liver Conditions Summary:

The first thing to do is get evaluated by a competent conventional physician as to EXACTLY the problem with the liver.

Next, I do not consider any physician "competent" who continues to order the "liver death tests" currently being called liver function tests: SGOT, SGPT, Alkaline phosphatase, GGT, LDH, and the like. These tests have been the standard for 50 years and are based on the fact that certain enzymes (the ones listed above) are highly concentrated INSIDE liver cells. SO, when the liver cell dies, and the insides of the cell are emptied into the blood stream, the levels go up. The problem with those tests is that the cell has to already be dead before the blood will show it. That is pretty far along!

For 20 years, the tests have been available to test the FUNCTION of the liver cells while they are still alive. Certainly this is preferable to waiting for them to die before seeing the levels rise. Great Smokies Diagnostics Laboratories should be able to tell you what those tests are and who, in your area, would know how to order and interpret them.

In the meantime taking stuff like alpha-lipoic acid (safe and will not interfere with anything else you are doing conventionally--available at your health-food store), & doing the "castor oil packs" over the liver (See the glossary.) will tend to keep your liver cells alive until better things can be applied to your causes. Milk Thistle and other herbs will also help without harming (See the Helbologist on our link page.) Viral infections can be reversed by getting IV vitamin C at a level of at least 100 grams a day for about five days. Contact Dr. Cathcart for the protocol at (415) 949-2822.

The liver is the organ most capable of regenerating itself after damage--especially if the cells are caught BEFORE they are dead. Of course, continuing to expose yourself to environmental things known to damage the liver is not wise: alcohol, environmental chemicals, certain medications (read your package insert), and the like.

Here is a link with info about Liver Cleanse - Gallbladder Cleanse

Walt Stoll, MD

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