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Rolfing - Fourth Hour

Posted by trish on October 16, 1998 at 18:51:53:

Hi again, all!

Fourth hour: Upper back, pelvis and upper legs - This was a pretty intense hour. My back was fairly easy, although that left side where I had a catheter inserted seems a bit screwed up (that's a technical rolfing term), even in the back. I am certain that the surgeon had to manipulate me rather dramatically to get the catheter placed properly, so I guess there's still some damage. The rolfer had told me during a previous visit that I had a "dead" spot in the front of that side, (right around the catheter site) and again, she seemed to sense a disturbance of some type in the corresponding area of my back. Pretty weird, huh? We didn't really DO anything about it, but I get the feeling that as we work around my body, things will end up the way they should be. The awareness itself makes a big difference.

The pelvic work was really neat - she moved her fingers all around my hip joints and up into the base of my pelvis, right alongside my crotch. She really had to press hard, and I could feel the areas that she was manipulating sort of above where my femur connects with the pelvis and up next to the pubic bone. I was asked to visualize the "bowl" that my pelvis forms, and occupy it. As she moved along the muscles there, I was able to gain that awareness of these muscles and areas in my body that have been ignored. It's really a strange lesson, but more and more I'm realizing how important this is.

I always thought I was quite aware of my body - and to be honest, I think I have been more aware than most people, but this is really an eye-opener. We also worked on my knees in this manner - by showing me how I tend to carry all my weight in my knees, and manipulating the knee caps a bit, we directed my focus to my feet, where the weight SHOULD be. This because I told her I had "bad" knees!

She also worked on my upperlegs - quadraceps mostly, and followed them along from top to bottom. This time, I was sore the next day. And I must admit to having confused kneecaps now - I will talk to her during my next appointment, but they've been a bit sore and HOT on a couple of occasions - I think they're trying to go back to how they used to be. I know it sounds weird, but hey - you ought to be used to that by now!

Thanks for reading - I'll write again soon.


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