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ROLFING - 5th Hour

Posted by trish on October 29, 1998 at 13:28:32:

Hi, everyone!

To heck with my homework, this is more fun. :-)

Fifth hour was a big one for me. We started with her pressing just under my ribcage and working down into my intestine area. Pretty soon, she was up to her elbows in my abdomen. It was really amazing how far IN she could go...she explained that she was going to work on my psoas. (sheesh, I didn't even know I HAD one of those) It's a set of muscles on the front of the spine, just at the lower back area. It was another great example of becoming aware of my three dimensional nature. Now I see that for most of my life, I've pictured myself only as my outside surface. Kinda weird. Anyway, after moving all my innards around so she could get to it, she pressed really hard and was manipulating the front part of my spine!!! I guess it sounds like it would hurt, but it didn't, though I had to focus a bit on staying relaxed.

We did some breathing work that revealed another interesting area. I couldn't get the breath to move toward my back. SO, she reached under me (I was lying on my back) and pulled her hands up along my spine, trying to help me soften my back. She said it felt like I had an armor plate there. We laughed a lot about my having to "watch my back" since I've worked in corporate America for so long...but really, we both knew that's just what we were looking at. She told me that as long as I think I need it, there is nothing SHE can do to make it go away. (sound familiar???) Of course, now I FEEL it there...Gotta keep doing the skilled relaxation!

I had mentioned to her that I'd had some problems with my knees, and while she was doing the work on my abdomen, she noticed something strange about my ribcage and hip on my left side. After feeling around a bit and watching me walk, we did some exercises where she wedged her forearm between my knees (hand on inside of one knee and elbow on inside of other knee) as I tried to press my knees together. She then did some very gentle movements with me, just holding my knee up at gradually tighter angles while I tried to turn my foot down toward the table. These were really slight movements, but what she explained was that we were actually realigning my pelvis! Ended up that's what was bugging my knees. The left side of my pelvis had been turned sort of down and forward from where it should have been. So, we did a bit of adjusting, and I'd walk back and forth and, and then we'd do some more adjusting. I actually felt off balance at one point because of how differently my leg would swing. I can't tell you the difference I feel now in walking and sitting. It's something I took for granted for as long as I can remember...I just wasn't "even," so I always had more flexibility in my right hip, and my left leg would sometimes fall asleep if I wasn't paying attention to how I was sitting. It has also helped a lot with the SR, which was good 'cause I've been having problems in that area. But that's for another post!!!

I can't wait until's already time for the 6th hour!
Take care, all!

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Re: ROLFING - 5th Hour

Posted by Terrie on October 30, 1998 at 13:06:01:

In Reply to: ROLFING - 5th Hour posted by trish on October 29, 1998 at 13:28:32:


EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! No, ick, that one gave me the willies! Could you have skipped that if you wanted to?


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Re: ROLFING - 5th Hour

Posted by trish on October 30, 1998 at 14:23:42:

In Reply to: Re: ROLFING - 5th Hour posted by Terrie on October 30, 1998 at 13:06:01:

Hi, Terrie -

Really, it's not as bad as it felt good. I don't know if you can skip any of it. I have a feeling you'll miss out on something if you skip stuff. If you remember from my other posts, seemingly unrelated muscles and areas will affect each other. I understand from asking around before I started this, that they will also work your skull and the inside of your mouth!

A few people have said that it hurts sometimes, too. I think I have a very gentle rolfer - she asked me to tell her if she was hurting me and said she doesn't feel it HAS to hurt.

It takes a degree of trust to let someone start manipulating your body like this, Terrie. I had a great feelng about this person, and I feel that we've become friends during these sessions. I really like her. Plus, it starts on the outside muscles, and works in to the "core" muscles. I don't know how I would have reacted if this had been the FIRST session, but by now, I trust that she knows what she's doing and all of this has been making me feel better, so I'll go along with it. :-)

take care!

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