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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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Summary discussion of the concept of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity):

Although knowledgable Clinical Ecologists have recognized MCS for at least 30 years, it has only been within the past year (of 2000) or so that the EPA and the government have admitted that it is a real clinical entity and getting worse every month. Only within the past year has the conventional medical paradigm begun to grudgingly admit to the facts. Considering how hard it is for physicians to grow beyond the "Tolstoy Effect" it will likely take another 20 years for most people's docs to recognize it and THEN they will not be trained to have any idea what to do about it.

See the article about "Modern Medical Interpretation of Stress" on the homepage for how this mechanism works. There are now more than 500,000 chemicals in our environment that never existed on this planet before 100 years ago. Each of these is a burden to our immune system and each additional one magnifies the burden of all the rest. It is now believed that "Gulf War Syndrome" is an example of this combination effect.

Those of us at the bottom of the "Bell Curve" of resistance to environmental substances have gone beyond "the straw that broke the camel's back" and have become sensitive to more and more of them. This "slippery slope" only gets worse day by day. Those people presently with MCS are the "canaries in the coalmine" for the rest of us.

The only approach yet known to deal with this breakdown is to start a good Wellness program and see a good Clinical Ecologist (call [215] 862-4544 for the closest one) to temporarily eliminate the worst offending chemicals (or foods) so the hypothalamus immunology can begin to reset the homeodynamics in the direction of more resistance. For foods you might see the BB for Robert McFerran's e/diet since it is free and works remarkably well for those willing to "do it themselves". Once that is done, at least the person can be relatively symptom free until the hypothalamus can "catch its breath". You could also get a good head start on wellness in the glossary or the search engine.

Once you have done the above, if you still have questions, write them on the bulletin board so I can help more.

Walt Stoll, MD

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