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Posted by Greg on September 20, 1998 at 22:45:42:


I ordered the book, and now I'm sorry I did. I can't seem
to relate to Joy's journey at all. He seems extremely egotistical,
by turn's holier-than-thou with lots of "see what I accomplished
with my superior medical training"
along with an
unrelenting dismissal of every divinational or psychic
development tool in the past 3000 years. If it doesn't
fit his profile of "how it works," instantly the user is
seeing things through the "eyes of outer reality."

His whitewashing of his teenage years was especially
tiresome. I expected to garner information about what
made him tick, and how enlightenment (if that's the
correct word in his case) had changed his life, and
what he had wrought from it, and instead the narrative
is filled with numerous references to the Sky Hi ranch
and how many people he has helped become "enlightened"
also. The only truthful thing he admits to is "still
having control issues to work out."

I'm sorry Walt, but I just don't see much evidence of
enlightenment. He uniformly disparages psychic development
for its own sake, and sets up a path to so-called
enlightement that anyone but he would be hard pressed
to follow or emulate.

This "great gift" from Eunice Hurt seems to have gone to
waste. Joy's physical deformatities seem to extend to his
psyche as well. He seems less a mystic and frankly, I think
it would have been better for all concerned if he had
stayed in the conventional medical field.


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Re: JOY'S WAY = NO JOY! (for Greg)

Posted by Walt Stoll on September 21, 1998 at 10:56:49:

In Reply to: JOY'S WAY = NO JOY! posted by Greg on September 20, 1998 at 22:45:42:

Thanks, Greg.

Just goes to show ya! Everyone is different. I was more interested in seeing the results his approach could produce in professional "seekers" than in his personal qualities.

I personally observed his ego and his "my way is the only way" attitude up close. SO, I do not disagree with your assessment. He has brought some of those along with him to where he is in his journey today (more than 20 years later). However, there is no denying that "Joy's Way" does work for many people.

I would never say that ANY "way" was the only "way". I take what is valuable from ANY effective "way" and try to fit it into any other "way" to see a greater truth. Too many people fall into the trap of thinking that the "way" they have discovered is "the way" when it is only a little piece of the WAY.

Once again, I would hope what no one would "throw out the baby with the bathwater". There is no doubt that Joy's Way works and is relatively easy for anyone to learn.

Namaste` Walt

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Guru Fever Or The Joy Of Megalomania Posted by Thomas_Seay on September 21, 1998 at 13:37:42:

In Reply to: Re: JOY'S WAY = NO JOY! (for Greg) posted by Walt Stoll on September 21, 1998 at 10:56:49:

There must be a revised edition of this, because I read "Joy's Way" 10+ years ago and do not
recognize certain elements of which Greg speaks. For example, in the edition that I read he advocates the traditional divinational arts. The
book turned me on to a number of good
ideas. That was 10 years ago when I was
quite new to this stuff.

His second book "Avalanche" did raise some concerns. I applauded his attempts to come to terms with his shadow side, as well as that of "the New-Age Movement". I cheered as he
describes a scathing polemic he addressed to the Findhorn Community. However, much of the book seems rambling and an exercise in what the Italians call "masturbazione intelletuale". The egocentrism to which Greg refers is in
bold relief. It left me wondering if he had not opened the middle eye too quickly through the
use of LSD....indeed, he seemed to have caught a nice little case of megalomania.


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