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Summary statement about magnesium:

There are basically two classes of minerals: 1. Trace minerals (micronutrients) which are only needed in trace amounts to catalyze most of the reactions our bodyminds need for optimal function; and, 2. Mineral macronutrients of which we need fairly significant amounts. Most people are aware that we need calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and the like. Unfortunately, the conventional medical paradigm in this country is just beginning to realize that magnesium is not only one of the mineral macronutrients but may be the most important one so far as the function of the entire body is concerned.

As a consequence, Britain is about 50 years ahead of us in recognizing that many chronic conditions "of unknown origin" in this country are due directly to magnesium deficiency. Reference: "Magnesium in Clinical Practice" by Jean Durlach----also one by Mildred Selig, MD. Most physicians in this country, even if they know enough to test for magnesium, still order the worthless serum determination. Serum levels of magnesium tell us nothing about the functional magnesium levels in the body. Magnesium is an intracellular mineral and so only an intracellular magnesium test has any validity. Since few local labs offer an intracellular magnesium (Who is going to order it?) the specimens must be sent to labs who do many every day and have been doing them for many years (Meridian Valley Laboratories is an example. Call [253] 859-8700 for the closest physician who would know what to order and what to do about the results.)

Finally, the "normals" for this mineral are not yet well established so many people will get results from magnesium supplementation even if their lab results are within "Normal" limits. Our own bodyminds are still the final arbiter of whether we need more magnesium or not.

Magnesium metabolism has one quirk in that, if the level is low enough (in that person) to cause symptoms, it is low enough that the body loses its abillity to absorb it efficiently orally. Since it is almost impossible to hurt someone by giving them too much magnesium, doing a therapeutic trial of an easily absorbed (orally) form of chelated magnesium (orotate, aspartate or glycinate) might be tried by anyone.

This paragraph is just to warn those who try it that it that way--and get no results--not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. They may just be not absorbing it orally. For those, they will need intravenous infusions of at least 2 grams of elemental magnesium/IV about 3 times a week for 2 weeks. This can be injected over a period of about 5 minutes with no risk or negative side effects. By then, they should be able to absorb it orally for maintenence. By then, they will also know if their bodymind laboratory says they needed it (Did they get better?)

The most likely physicians who would know how to do this can be located by calling (800) 532-3688.

The 3 most common conditions, which are presently becoming an epidemic in this country, that are greatly influenced by low intracellular magnesium, are cardiac dysrrhythmias archive and muscle tension problems--see bracing in the glossary; asthma is probably #3. It is not surprising in that magnesium is one of the most common minerals lost in refining and this country has been eating mostly refined food for more than 80 years. Nearly 80% of all US citizens are magnesium deficient.

THEN, if you have more questions post them on the bulletin board. For testimonials about the effectiveness of this information read on.

Here is some useful information about magnesium deficiency

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