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LGS in Breastfeeding mom and Infant son(long)

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LGS in Breastfeeding mom and Infant son(long)

Posted by
Rose on May 27, 2003 at 21:24:30:

I have been reading the archives and trying to obtain information regarding LGS and healing it. I appreciate your input and recommendations.

Here's my (our) story:

My son was born (10/27/02) and due to a slight fever (38 degrees C) he was admitted to the hospital for fear of meningitis. He was put on antibiotics while the blood cultures were taken. I had been given IV antibiotics during the delivery because I test positive for Group-B strep.

During this time I breastfed my son and he was supplemented a few times with formula. Five days later we all went home and the blood cultures came out negative and there really wasn't any answer as to why he 'spiked' a temp.

My son's stools never seemed like a 'normal' breast-fed child's stool (smelly and slimy) and he didn't sleep well and was quite fussy. He developed a cold when he was one month old and again at 7 weeks.

At 9 weeks he developed diarrhea (going 10 times a day and very foul smelling when he was down to 1-2 times/day). He ate well (i.e. OFTEN) but seemed 'content' I called his doctor and felt it was a virus and should clear up in 2 weeks.
At 11 weeks his diarrhea cleared up, but he was ill with an ear infection for which the doctor prescribed amoxocillin while I at the same time developed strep throat and I was also given amoxocillin (and I asked for Diflucan as a preventative for a yeast infection which my doctor did prescribe). I started to investigate a dairy allergy in my son via my breast milk.
Two weeks later the diarrhea returned and his doctor referred us to a pediatric gastrointologist. I did more investigation regarding allergies.. And I cut ALL dairy out of my diet.
Over the next month, my son's diarrhea subsided and his stools became somewhat 'normal'. The pediatric gastrointologist said to continue what I was doing and he would eventually outgrow this intolerance and to start solids slowly. I am committed to breastfeeding so I was encouraged by this physician's point of view. During this entire time my son was thriving. He was hitting all his milestones, was a happy baby, and content. He was never dehydrated.
I was still concerned about other allergies that my son had and the best allergy testing available. I found information about Immuno-Labs and their 'toxic food syndrome' theories. I work in a hospital and I was able to find a physician that utilizes Immuno-Labs for her allergy testing (by the way she is a D.O. that practices manipulative therapy). I was surprised to find out that I needed to have the allergy testing done because, according to the Immuno-Labs physicians, my son was reacting to MY allergies/food sensitivities. I agreed to the testing for myself.
Upon receiving my test results, I was shocked to learn that I was sensitive to 24 food antigens, an alarmingly high amount of sensitivities. Of course dairy was on the list as well as cheese, goat’s milk, most beans, gluten products.. Etc. Many of the foods I absolutely love. I didn’t think I was ‘ill’, but I really started to look at my overall health and a few things started to come together. I suffered from chronic ear infections as a child and severe constipation all my life. At the age of 31, I had to undergo a hemrhoidectomy due to severe pain and discomfort. Based all this high number of food sensitivities, I was diagnosed with LGS and it was believed that my son also has LGS. I was also tested for candida albicans, but surprisingly I was completely negative.

My doctor’s recommendations was to take L-Glutamine (Garrow or Jarrow brand or the NOW brand) 500 mg for me BID and 1/8 that dose for my son and to take acidophilus from biobotanical Research thru Emerson (which I could not locate).

The information that I have gathered from the website I need to practice SR, avoid the foods that I’m sensitive to, and heal my leaky gut.

My questions are as follows:
Please keep in mind that I still breastfeed

Should I be taking L-glutamine, and if so what brand is best and what strength?
Should my son be also taking L-glutamine? Is this ‘safe’ for an infant?
I have seen many posts regarding the probiotic ‘primal defense’. Is this a superior probiotic, and should we both be taking it? How much should an infant take? (He weighs approx 18 pounds).

I am quite frankly afraid to bring this information to my son’s pediatrician because I know that he will look at me like I’m some kind of loony bird. The pediatrician’s advice was for me to put my son on formula to ‘solve’ his diarrhea problem. No wonder so many moms give up what is supposed to be the most perfect food.

Thank you for reading

Re: LGS in Breastfeeding mom and Infant son(long) (Archive in probiotics.)

Posted by Walt Stoll on May 28, 2003 at 07:40:22:

In Reply to: LGS in Breastfeeding mom and Infant son(long) posted by Rose on May 27, 2003 at 21:24:30:

Hi, Rose.

My guess is that, if the "docs" had known enough to put your child on probiotics during and after every antibiotic usage that none of this would have happened. It is even possible that, using them now would be enough to cure his current difficulties. The L glutamine will help both you and he and it cannot hurt either of you.

In my opinion, the day will come when not using probiotics, routinely when antibiotics are used, will be malpractice.

See the probiotics archives. Remember you cannot really overdose an infant with them. If you do not see results in the child, in a month, it probably is not helping. After a few months they should no longer be needed. If they do not help, he may already have C-RS.

Although probiotics will also help you, your problem is a lot more complex and you will really have to address your LGS.

You should not have to drag your docs, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century along with you in order to get well--and pay them at the same time???

Hope this helps. Let us know what you learn and how you do.


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