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Restless Leg Syndrome. *UPDATE*

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Restless Leg Syndrome. *UPDATE*

Posted by
Ryan on August 13, 2002 at 17:48:18:


I've been seeing a neurologist since the beginning of July. Tests to this date include a full blood work-up including CBC, Thyroid, liver enzymes, diabetes, potasium, etc., and all came back within the normal ranges. I've also had a sleep deprived EEG which came up negative for epilepsy and a full body EMG to rule out serious neuromuscular disorders which also came up negative.

My symptoms still persist and include:

Frequent muscle spasms causing a burning, achy feeling, especially arms, legs, feet and upper and lower back throughout the day that increase in severity at night. Pain in my upper back was localized to my "lat" area and can be described as a burning, dull, stabbing sensation. Note: I have frequently had pain in this area as well as my lower back over the coarse of the past 2 years. This has started occurring more often lately and I feel that I should mention it as I am finding that it is that same exact pain that I've been experiencing in my legs and lower back.

Occasional numbness in feet and hands. Specifically in my left hand. This doesn't appear to be caused by performing any certain type of activity or having my arm in any particular position. This comes and goes.

Tingling, prickly, pins and needles type feeling in my legs and feet sometimes accompanied with a general, dull achy feeling.

Myoclonus (per my neurologist)

Internal tremor or vibrating sensation.

Sporadic dizziness, spinning sensation and/or feeling of being off balance when standing, walking or even sitting. This has been occurring sporadically since winter of 1998 and had been evaluated during this period by my family doctor for sinus/ear infections, diabetes, etc., and no reason was found for this symptom. This symptom has been occurring more frequently since the middle of May 2002.

Occasional pain when moving eyes.

Occasional swift "electrical shock" type pains shooting down to my foot.

Internal sensation of "heat" on my legs. This feels as if someone has applied a heating pad to my legs. My legs do not feel hot to touch them. This is just an internal sensation.

My doctor put me on a trial of "Sinamet" which he thought may help the myoclonus (leg and arm tremors) but the prescription has had no effect on it whatsoever.

I go back to my neurologist in a little over a week. He says that he'll probably order an MRI at my next visit. Since more symptoms have developed since I wrote you last does any new possibilities come to mind for a diagnosis or do you stand on the most probable diagnosis being RLS?



Re: Restless Leg Syndrome. *UPDATE* (Archive.)

Posted by Walt Stoll on August 14, 2002 at 09:21:34:

In Reply to: Restless Leg Syndrome. *UPDATE* posted by Ryan on August 13, 2002 at 17:48:18:

Thansk, Ryan.

There really is no practical limit of the "tests" that can be ordered until you get sick of them. All this to avoid the diagnosis of RLS???

Who is paying for all this and who is making all the money interpreting them?

Let us know what happens.

Yes, I do still stand on this being RLS and the solution is still the same.


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