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Spinal Problems Summary:

Nearly all chronic problems with the spine are caused by "bracing". The spine is constructed so as to act as a flexible shock absorber for the critical neural structures contained within this bony cage. The discs are designed to flex and compress in response to any reasonable stress placed upon this structure.

HOWEVER, when one is bracing, the discs are already compressed to the limits of their design. THEN, when a simple injury occurs the disc can rupture. As a matter of fact, the disc frequently ruptures even without an injury.

The chronic bracing also keeps such injuries from healing. The pain produces even more bracing (sort of like a splint against more pain) which keeps the problem worsening until the bracing is eliminated.

This may also explain why the surgical statistics are so dismal all over the world: 1/3 get better, 1/3 get worse & 1/3 stay the same. This is NOT a reflection of the skill of the surgeon but on the rigidity if her mind: surgery does nothing about the bracing and so the stresses that caused the problem are still there preventing a good result.

Of course, one must take into account the old adage: "To a hammer, everything looks like a nail!" So long as surgeons are looked to as the experts in this area, surgical resolutions will be the only ones recommended! Since the actual solutions are NOT surgical, the surgeons will lose their practice if they recommend the actual way to get over this.

The Founding President of the AMHA (American Holistic Medical Association), Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, is a Neurosurgeon who opted to give up his lucrative surgical practice to actually teach people how to get rid of the problem non-surgically. Until there are many more physicians willing to do this, the problem will continue to increase in incidence.

Until one understands this simple truth, there is little chance they will permanently resolve their condition. See the glossary, homepage, search engine and archives for SR, and bracing.

Walt Stoll, MD

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