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Sunscreen's False Promise---Summary:

It would be wonderful if we could just smear something over our skin and sunbathe without the risk of paying back later in life with skin cancer and wrinkles. HOWEVER, that is not yet an option.

Current sunscreens have the perverse effect of filtering out the tanning fraction and not the cancer causing rays. Since tans actually are the best effect to prevent sun damage (as Mother Nature has provided), this actually increases our risk; something the sunscreen user will not understand for 20-30 years. By then, what recourse will they have against the manufacturers (who know all this already).

Presently one can avoid the damage a LOT more effectively by taking about 1000 units of vitamin E a few hours before exposure and about every 12 hours thereafter for 24 hours. Even using a vitamin E cream would help a lot. Besides that taking about 2000 milligrams of esterified vitamin C twice a day for 24 hours before exposure and 24 hours after would have an additive effect. For severe burns, taking a 1000 units dose of vitamin E, immediately, and at least 4 grams of esterified vitamin C every 4 hours (for about 6 doses)would prevent most of the damage.

Walt Stoll, MD

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