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Candida-Related Syndrome

Many people have asked for more information about an up-to-date concept regarding management of Candida-Related Syndrome (C-RS). Here is a brief introduction:

This basic cause, for many here-to-fore unexplained chronic symptoms, was first described by Orion Truss, MD, in the late 1970's. William Crook, MD, in his book The Yeast Connection and John Trowbridge, MD, in The Yeast Syndrome, helped bring awareness of C-RS to the general public.

At first, the average length of treatment was 2 years, with a 90% relapse rate. The main advantage of discovery and treatment was that, finally the patient had an explanation more acceptable than that "it was all in her/his head". Besides, the treatment had only positive side effects from the life-style changes needed to avoid recurrence.

A number of clinicians have gone beyond the original discoveries by looking into WHY the individual became susceptible to C-RS in the first place, realizing that the problem would surely recur unless that was dealt with. Although there are many mechanisms that can eventually create this susceptibility, by far the most common are what I have placed on the BB about Leaky Gut Syndrome, Skilled Relaxation, Sugar and Immunity, and Modern Medical Interpretation of Stress. The inevitable result of these concepts is dysbiosis which eventually must result in a "leaky gut" AND the establishment of abnormal organisms in the gut (multiple parasitosis is but one of these results). By definition, parasites further damage the already leaking gut wall and aggravate the vicious cycle. See Saving Yourself from the Disease-Care Crisis, by Walt Stoll, MD, to put all of this together.

Also, even though the originally recommended dietary restrictions were universally beneficial, the vast majority of patients found that their course of treatment could be simplified--as well as greatly shortened (total length of Rx: average 3-6 months)--by using a new diet. I was the Medical Advisor for that publication: The Healing Power of Whole Foods by Beth Loiselle, RD. You can obtain a copy by contacting:

Healthways Nutrition
93 Summertree Drive
Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356-9190
(606) 223-2270 or (800) 870-5378

Please share your impressions of this book with the BB participants.

There is a partial listing of physicians competent to diagnose and treat this condition in the back of William Crook's The Yeast Connection, mentioned above.

There are only two laboratories in the country, that I know of, which are competent to diagnose the presence of parasites in the colon--of which Candida (in the fungal form) is one. They are:

  1. Meridian Valley Labs.
    24030 132nd Ave. SE
    Kent, Washington 98042
    (800) 234-6825
  2. Great Smokies Labs.
    18 A Regent Park Blvd.
    Asheville, North Carolina 28806
    (800) 522-4762

You might also find a competent physician in your area by contacting these labs for that information.

Don't bother sending specimens to local laboratories. Even the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta says that local labs are less than 1/50th as accurate at finding parasites as the laboratories I have listed. Physicians who would send specimens to their local laboratories don't know what they are doing in this area. Don't waste your money or your health on these docs. READ HEALTH AT THE CROSSROADS BY DEAN BLACK, PHD, TO LEARN WHY THIS IS NOT THE "STANDARD OF THERAPY" EVERYWHERE. Call (800) 333-4290 for a copy..