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Personal & professional experiences with alternatives to vascular surgery.

Chelation works.

I have had 30+ years of clinical experience with arterial obstructive disease (see Dr Stoll's Curriculum Vitae). The first 13 of those years, I knew no better than strictly Conventional Medical Options: make a diagnosis and send the person for surgery to open the artery. Very simplistic and it placed the responsibility for future consequences on the surgeon. Thank goodness for my mother's problem with Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA's) that finally forced me to look seriously at Chelation Therapy.

At the time, I had begun to collect a file on Chelation but was afraid to offer it to my patients because of the unreasoning attacks (still being perpetrated by local Medical Licensing Boards) upon any physician who dares to offer it as an option to his/her patients.

My mother came to me with her TIA's. I did what I was taught and routinely recommended to my patients (still the "standard of treatment"). I diagnosed the narrowing in her carotid artery which was threatening a stroke and referred her for an arteriogram in preparation for surgery. During the arteriogram she had a stroke--a not uncommon complication of arteriograms. Of course, then she could no longer have the surgery and was simply sent home to recover.

About a year later, still having her TIA's but recovered from her stroke, she decided she had had enough of MY advice. On her own, she sought out Dr. Shearer, in Columbus, Ohio, (who had been offering Chelation for about 20 years at that time) for Chelation Therapy. The results were so dramatic that I no longer could be honest with my patients when I told them that surgery was the only answer to their vascular insufficiency problem (coronary, brain, legs, etc.). Not only did her TIA's clear up but she seemed to grow 10 years younger. Her health improved in EVERY way!

I went to Dr. Shearer's Clinic for my initial training and finally went to get enough training to be competent to offer this to my own patients. Of course, I was immediately attacked by my State Medical Licensing Board. By that time, I was so mad about my colleagues greedy refusal to even look at this approach that I told the Board to read the 1500+ articles from the world medical literature, supporting the effectiveness and safety of Chelation Therapy, and I would be happy to discuss it with them. Until then, I refused to do their homework for them. Of course, this REALLY angered them!

When I started doing Chelation, I was averaging 5-6 patients referred for major vascular surgery (coronary bypass, etc.) yearly. In the past 17+ years, I have had to refer but one patient for any vascular surgery (if they elected Chelation as an option). That patient is a farmer in Ohio who still had symptoms after following the Chelation Protocol. He was referred for quadruple bypass following which he STILL had all his symptoms. By this reckoning, I have saved at least 70 patients from major vascular surgery and ALL of them report many additional health benefits following Chelation. I have chelated myself so I could report my experiences to my patients considering it.

For more information, AND the closest physician trained in this procedure, contact the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (the international training & certification organization for Chelation). ACAM is at 23121 Verdugo Drive #204, Laguna Hills, California 92653, Voice (714) 583-7666, FAX (714) 455-9679.

Please share your experiences with the BB participants. Others deserve to know that they are being systematically denied their options by an entrenched disease care monopoly.

There are other options, besides chelation, for hardening of the arteries. My book carefully describes them and offers resources for learning exactly how to use those options.

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