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Brief Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Walt Stoll


Dr Walt Stoll is an MD with 30+ years of practice experience as a Board Certified Family Practitioner. The first 10 years he practiced strictly Conventional Medicine in a small farming community in Ohio. Then he taught medicine for 3 years at the University of Kentucky Medical School. The last 17+ years have been spent COMBINING as many other healing philosophies WITH Conventional Medicine as he could learn enough about to evaluate. For example:

He needed to know enough ABOUT Chiropractic to know when his patient might do better with Chiropractic, at this time and for this problem, than with Allopathic Medicine alone. He also needed to know enough to be able to fairly assess the Professional expertise of the Chiropractor he sent his patient to. After all, he was betting his professional reputation that the person he referred his patient to was competent.

At one time he had a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Biofeedback Trainer, Homeopath, Naturopath, Chinese Medical Practitioner, Minister/Counselor, Nutritionist, Reflexologist, Applied Kinesiologist, Dentist, Electromagnetic Medical Diagnostician/Therapist, Rolfer, etc., working with him in his office. He had to know about ALL of them to judge. They all worked together as equal members of a team although he was ultimately responsible for everything. He was the glue that held all of them together. They all watched each other work with all of their patients and thereby learned how each of their approaches related to all the others and complemented each other.

That is one of the reasons that Holistic Medicine is frequently called Complementary Medicine. They found, frequently, that it was the combination of more than one approach that was the solution to a formerly "Unsolvable" chronic problem. The AMA looks at all other healing professions as "COMPETITION" while this team found that they ALL were helpful. It is the free selection of the appropriate option for that patient, at that time, that is the most effective, and least expensive, approach to difficult problems. One of the solutions, to the "Disease Care Crisis" we find ourselves in today, is to break the Allopathic Medical Monopoly in this country.

That is the main reason that Dr. Stoll took a 3 year sabbatical to finish researching and writing his book about all this. There ARE options out there and the public deserves to know about them.

As a founding member of the American Holistic Medical Association, Dr. Stoll served as a member of their Board of Trustees for many years. This helped broaden his experience of combining many Complementary approaches to health care.

His wide experience in giving conferences on these subjects has enhanced his ability to help others help themselves. One of Dr Stoll's strengths is his ability to make complex concepts easily understood. A list of a wide range of subjects he can present is available on request. Radio telephone interviews are a very cost effective way of getting the word out to your area.

Here is a link to a very detailed CURRICULUM VITAE of Dr Stoll.