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Information About Combining Conventional &Alternative Medicine


This condition is preventable AND curable by looking at its causes.

There have been so many requests for information about how to help this condition, for which the Allopathic Monopoly has NO treatment, that I have decided to put this generic explanation on the web site.

First, ALL patients who are saddled with this diagnosis have severe chronic "bracing". Bracing is a condition of unconscious muscle tension caused by severe, and overwhelming, stress-effect storage in the hypothalamus (the part of the brain where the interface between the environment, and body/mind function, is located)--commonly called the "fight or flight" effect..

This muscle tension places much more wear and tear on the skeletal system. It also causes a reflex reduction of blood supply to the intestinal tract. This normal consequence of the "fight or flight" response (see Modern Medical Interpretation of Stress) causes "leaky gut syndrome" (LGS) So far, the only known way to reverse this "bracing" is to discharge the hypothalamic overload. The only way that can be done is by learning, and practicing regularly, 20 minutes twice a day, an effective skilled relaxation technique.

In the meantime, while waiting for the stored stress-effect to be discharged, the effects of the LGS can be ameliorated by avoiding the most commonly leaked peptides which are causing the immune complexes that are attacking the connective tissue. The inflammation caused by this immunological dysfunction causes more muscle tension--thus aggravating the basic condition. In THIS country, the most common things we are exposed to (that are basically under our control) are wheat and dairy. In most cases of FMS, TOTAL elimination of all traces of these substances will provide very significant relief within one week. After that, the first exposure to either will cause a flare-up that will convince the patient of the validity of this approach. This is NOT the best solution, in the long run, but will serve until the causes of LGS can be reversed.

ALL cases of LGS also have Candidiasis Syndrome until proven otherwise.

Finally, nearly all patients I have seen with FMS are very low in intracellular magnesium. One of the most common symptoms of low intracellular magnesium is muscle tension. People with LGS do not absorb magnesium very well--thus contributing to the vicious cycle relating all these causes. Regular blood tests for magnesium are worthless for discovering this problem. You must have a blood cell (intracellular) magnesium level done. You can find the physician closest to you who would know WHERE to order this test, as well as what to do with the results, by calling (800) 234-6825.

This condition is but the tip of the iceberg of what is happening to the rest of your physiology because of these causes. That is why this approach ALWAYS produces additional health benefits besides just getting rid of the FMS. This also why so many FMS patients also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Allergies, PMS, colitis, etc., etc.

Of course, this is all more thoroughly covered in my book .