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Fungus Infections of the Feet

This totally preventable condition is also easily treated without expense.

First, you must understand that there is NOTHING, prescription or non-prescription, that KILLS any topical fungus (nails, skin, vagina, mouth, etc.). All any thing does is to inhibit growth of the fungus in tissue that was grown THAT DAY during the treatment. The growing cells must incorporate some of whatever is being applied, right into the cell, so THAT CELL will no longer be susceptible to the fungus. THEN the natural shedding of superficial tissues will grow the already infected tissue right off the body.

If even one application is missed (even when griseofulvin is being taken internally) any tissue that grew that day will be susceptible and the treatment might have to start all over. It takes about 4 weeks to replace your skin--therefore, if you stop treatment of any skin fungus before 6 weeks, the problem may recur. It takes at least 6 months to grow a new toenail. Therefore, if the treatment is stopped less than a month after the nail looks NORMAL, the problem will probably recur.

Fungi cannot stand an acid environment. The normal colon contents are very acid which is what protects us normally from having Candida Related Syndrome.

If an individual with onychomycosis (toenail fungus) will fill a dropper bottle with the cheapest distilled vinegar from the grocery store (do not use good vinegar that has not been distilled) and put 2 drops of the vinegar at the growing base of the affected nail every night and morning, within a few months, normal nail will begin to show at the base of the nail.

Remember, the normal nail will have to grow the infected nail off the body. If the treatment is missed, for even one dose, the nail that grew that day may not be resistant to the fungus and the fungus can jump from the infected nail that is still present into the healthy (but not resistant) nail. If that happens, infected nail will be seen at the base in a few months (when it has grown out enough to be seen) and the treatment will have to be continued until THAT infected nail tissue is grown off the body. In essence, the treatment time would have to be started anew.

I have yet to see this treatment fail, over dozens of cases. I have just seen it work again with my wife. She is amazed since she had been treating hers for 20 years without success. She plans to take her normal toes to her former husband (who has been treating his for 40 years without success) and see if he wants to get rid of his fungus too. This is not to say that Tea Tree Oil, etc. would not work the same. So long as one knows the patho-physiology of the process, they can decide what to use. Vinegar is cheaper than anything else and always works.

Please share any experiences with this approach with the BB participants.