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Graves' Disease: Alternatives to RAI Treatment

A practical understanding of mechanisms of causation leads to alternatives.

This condition is NOT a primary disease of the thyroid. It is caused by the hypothalamus being chronically overwhelmed by stress-effect storage which then tries to compensate by "turning up the metabolism" to cope. It does THIS by telling the pituitary to produce TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) which then does exactly what its name suggests. Actually, the condition is rarely recognized during this initial phase of high TSH although it is an absolutely universal stage of the condition.

By the time the individual has the classical symptoms of Graves', the pituitary portion of the hypothalamic cascade is exhausted and the TSH is low. Unfortunately, by that time, the pathology of the Thyroid is running by itself. Graves' is determined by another of those idiosyncratic genetic susceptibilities that are determined by the individual's genetic makeup. Others might end up with allergies or arthritis, etc., from the exact same set of stressors and stored stress-effect which result was determined by THEIR genetic susceptibility factors.

Typically, the Allopathic Monopoly is so simplistic that it only considers the end organ of this cascade. This is similar to the following scenario: Your neighbor is continually ringing your doorbell to warn you that your house is on fire. The noise is so annoying that you disconnect the doorbell so you can't hear the noise. In the meantime, your house burns down!

Until the stress-effect is discharged, your only alternative is to eventually destroy the thyroid. New ways that the endocrine system is balanced are being discovered every few months. There is no doubt that we will eventually find mechanisms, other than the pituitary, that tell the thyroid to produce thyroid hormone. The problem is with the chronic storage in the hypothalamus and until that is discharged the physiological pathology will continue even though the thyroid portion may be controlled by the destruction of the Thyroid.. That is what RAI treatment does to the thyroid.

Actually, the risk of cancer is the least of the complications of RAI treatment. Nearly every case becomes hypothyroid since the dose necessary to get quick results is always great enough to eventually burn out the thyroid completely. Taking the replacement thyroid, by necessity, must be an average daily dose--since we are not yet capable of adjusting the dose daily as our system normally does for us. We do not need the same dose of thyroid daily; therefore, even though we can take an average dose, nearly every day we are either getting too much or too little. We are extremely fortunate when we just happen to take the exact dose our body would have made for us that day--were it normally responsive. All by itself, this discrepancy makes an individual much more susceptible to all forms of acute and chronic disorders.

Read what I have on the web site about Modern Medical Interpretation of Stress and Skilled Relaxation. My book, Saving Yourself From the Disease-Care Crisis, goes into considerably greater depth than is possible here.

There are many treatable aggravating factors that you could do something about. I would suggest you find a good Complementary Medical Practitioner, near to you, who would be able to evaluate where one could put their efforts to get the greatest benefits, in the shortest period of time, with the least expenditure of time, money and energy. This process needs to be tailored to the individual. These resources are documented in my book.

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