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Information About Combining Conventional &Alternative Medicine

Upper Gastrointestinal Symptom Relief

100% safe and effective symptom relief, within 3 weeks, for cost of about $10.

Hiatus Hernia (also known as Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disorder or GERD) is an increasingly common problem with heartburn in the upper abdominal/lower chest area. It is incurable from a conventional medical approach (short of a dangerous major surgical procedure). The solution is very inexpensive, 100% safe and available without any medical supervision. Actually most upper gastrointestinal symptoms would be improved by the same approach--why not give it a try? This has been a standard treatment in Traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. You would have nothing to lose but your symptoms. THEN, perhaps, you would ask the question that begs to be asked: "Why didn't MY doctor tell me that?"

Here is something to try which, in my experience over the past 15+ years, nearly always works regardless of what the actual diagnosis is. It is perfectly safe and costs practically nothing. AND, if the condition EVER comes back, you can repeat the treatment. You can lose nothing by trying. If it doesn't work, I would like to know because it RARELY fails. Also, I might have more advice, depending on your experience.

Go to the grocery store, to the produce department, and buy about #2 of ginger root. The heavier the root, the more juice there is in it.

Run all of it through a good juicer ( don't use a blender).

Save all the juice in a jar in the refrigerator and take a teaspoon every morning on arising. At first, you will feel like you have just swallowed 200 proof alcohol but you will soon get used to the sensation.

Do this every day for 3 weeks. Your symptoms may well disappear long before that but, if you stop before the 3 weeks, you will almost certainly have a relapse since the problem has been going on for so long.

If you ever have any symptoms return, if you will do this right away for a few days, it will work again. The longer you keep your symptoms, before using the juice, the longer you will have to take it to prevent a relapse. Let others know how you do. Others deserve to know that they have alternatives that their Conventional Medical Physician is not telling them about because it is too inexpensive.

You may ask: "If this works so well, why is it not the "standard of care" the State Medical Licensing Boards are so careful to enforce?" For those who are really interested in the answer to that, I would suggest reading Health at the Crossroads by Dean Black, PhD. This little book (reprinted in January 1994) can be obtained for about $10, including shipping and handling, by calling Valeen Burdal at 801-768-0560. Please tell others about this publication!

Good Luck. Walt Stoll, MD

P.S. Your symptoms are not really caused by a ginger deficiency. I am not suggesting this as a CURE for your causes. However, is is a great way to stop suffering. If you get motivated to look into the causes, get my book.