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What is Potency?

Americans, without this information, are victimized by pharmaceutical giants.

What does "potency" mean?

If substance "A" is considered 100 times as "potent" as substance "B", it DOES NOT mean that it is better in ANY way than substance "B". It ONLY means that it takes 100 times as many milligrams of substance "B" to achieve the SAME results as substance "A". It is the results that matter, NOT how many milligrams it takes to get those results. The pharmaceutical companies have, for many years, used this confusion about "potency" to sell more, and more, expensive drugs that do the same thing as the old drug but, because they are "new" and more "potent" can be sold for a lot more money.

Promoting pycnogenol because it is more "potent" falls into that category. If one can say that it does something DIFFERENT than the other water soluble antioxidants, that is what should be used to promote it NOT its "potency" which doesn't mean anything to a knowledgeable person.

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