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Prostate Problems

Habitual muscle contraction: the main missed cause for this common chronic condition.

Chronic prostatitis (infection) and recurrent prostatosis (congestion of the prostate) has one major cause that is usually not considered even though it has been known for many years.

Chronic fight or flight storage of stress effect in the hypothalamus (see Modern Medical Interpretation of Stress and Skilled Relaxation) invariably produces excess muscle tension (bracing) especially in the male. This frequently causes unconscious clenching of the rectal muscles ("tight ass syndrome").

The levator ani muscles, which make up this structure, can restrict the outflow of blood from the prostate (like a tourniquet). They also can restrict the arterial inflow to the prostate. However, the pressure in the arterial system is a lot higher than that in the venous outflow. As a consequence, the blood can get in but can't get out. This causes congestion of the prostate which, of course, causes swelling. This swelling helps set the stage for everything else to happen.

Those with recurrent prostatic infections would do well to become more aware of whether they are holding their rectal muscles tight or not. Normally, the rectal muscles are supposed to be completely relaxed. There is an inner automatic sphincter that holds stool until feces moves into the rectal area. As soon as stool reaches that area, one feels the urge to evacuate. Toilet training is simply learning to tighten the voluntary rectal muscle until one can reach a socially acceptable place to evacuate. If one finds that they are holding tension in that muscle, when there is no urge to evacuate, it is probably part of the problem. Unfortunately, this mechanism is also a major aggravating factor for hemorrhoids (for the same reasons). This is the major connection, between hemorrhoids and stress, that has been documented so often in the medical literature.

Other than awareness, and breaking the habit, the only effective way to approach this is to reduce the total body burden of stored stress-effect I alluded to above. One more thing! It is always best to end an unpleasant subject on a more pleasant note. Frequent orgasm will also help to reverse some of this congestion. We physicians use digital massage to help treat chronic prostatitis. We are just squeezing out secretion from the gland. Ejaculation does this in a much more pleasant way by the smooth muscle contraction that squeezes out the ejaculate.

If a person with frequent prostate congestion, or infections, will just see that he has one orgasm a day, frequently the problem will be solved by that maneuver alone. There are many nutritional things that will help as well. I just thought adding one completely different concept to the equation would help everything else work better.

For those interested in a deeper understanding of mechanisms like this that are influencing many other organ systems in the body, I would recommend their reading my book Saving Yourself from the Disease-Care Crisis (which was written for precisely those reasons).