Ask Dr. Stoll

Information About Combining Conventional &Alternative Medicine


The body/mind is constructed like a hologram and this is one way to manipulate it.

The body is made like a Hologram. As you know, a Hologram is made by using Laser light in such a way that the film that is produced has all the information imprinted on every molecule of photographic emulsion on the film. You can cut the film in half and, when one half is projected, the entire image is still there. You can cut it into 10 pieces and, projecting one of the pieces, the entire image is STILL there! As the pieces get smaller, and smaller, the image gets more, and more, insubstantial. However, theoretically, if you COULD project one molecule, all the image would STILL be there--just VERY hazy.

You say: "What does this have to do with Reflexology?"

Well, there is a map of the ENTIRE BODY on the soles of the feet, the palms of hands, the ears (Auricular Acupuncture), the irises (Iridology), the teeth (Odontons), etc.. Theory states that there are probably maps on the SURFACE of every organ in the body. The "Homunculus" is the map on the surface of the brain that has been known by medical anatomists for more than 50 years.

Reflexology utilizes the map on the soles of the feet. By massaging (in a certain way) the places on the feet, that correspond to the organs in that location of the map, those organs can be influenced.

Non-Physicians can do Reflexology so, rather than seriously investigate its validity, Physicians tend to see it as competition and call it Quackery. They dismiss, out of hand, any claims of results as "Anecdotal Evidence" which, by definition, is not admissible as evidence. Of course, they similarly dismiss all forms of Acupuncture even though nearly every Medical School in the country FINALLY has an Acupuncturist on the teaching staff. Acupuncture is based on a similar philosophy of how the human is put together.

You will be hearing more about Reflexology now that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is finally seriously investigating it. One of the nice things about Reflexology is the fact that, once a person has had benefits, that person frequently has the motivation to learn how to do it to themselves. This is another reason why it is resisted by the "medical powers that be". Every single thing that has been changed to help patients do things for themselves, that once physicians alone were permitted to do, has been resisted by the AMA.

To give you an idea how effective Reflexology can be; I once had a patient who had solved her own chronic health problems practicing it on herself. Over the years she had gradually spent more, and more time working on her feet. She came to me because she had inexplicably started having her old symptoms again. As she got worse, she did it more and more. It turned out that more is not always better. Simply reducing how much Reflexology she was doing solved her problem again!

There are many books to help people learn about, and how to do, Reflexology. My book Saving Yourself from the Disease-Care Crisis was written to offer people practical ways they can apply simple concepts like this to their own health (along with the resources to learn as much about them as they should want). The more knowledge people have, the more likely they will know whether this approach is what they might need for themselves. My book also shows how to find certified practitioners who practice close to where the reader lives.