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1835MOD V3.0 is a freeware program to assist in games of 1835. You can download the moderator as a ZIP file:

Following are some notes and instructions on 1835MOD V3.0.

Its features include:

  • runs from DOS.
  • all banking functions handled, beginning to end - you can play with no paper money if you want.
  • internal board state is maintained; optimum runs are calculated.
  • prompting for everything! You can't forget to use the power of your private companies, or to move prices up and down, etc etc.
  • some optional rules supported.

Sorry, minimal graphics (only the board-drawing routine from wiz mode and some token-lay prompts, and they are ascii graphics). The moderator is text only. It was not meant to allow people to play 1835 without a set; it merely supplements the regular game.

The executable is distributed as freeware. Though I am very interested in correcting any bugs found, I make no claims or guarantees regarding the robustness of this code.

Here are the corrections that led to the latest version of the software:

10/01/96 version 3.03

  • allow PB owner to lay L6 tile after buying the first 3-train.
  • fix bug in director change after selling director's share; when there was a tie for most shares, the first person in the turn order took over instead of the first person *after* the seller.
  • NOTE: not always upward compatible with v3.02 input files.

02/01/97 version 3.05

  • BA does not lay home token until it operates for the first time, unlike other share companies.
  • NOTE: not always upward compatible with v3.03 input files.

12/12/99 version 3.06

  • Previous versions did not allow track on new tile to run into the blank side of a brown tile. V3.06 does allow this, but still does not allow track on new tile to run into the blank side of a painted brown hex on the board.
  • NOTE: usually but not always upward compatible with v3.05 input files.

The program is written in C using Borland C++ V3.1. If you would like a copy of the source, send me email.

My email address is (drop the NOSPAMPLEASE before using)

Bill Stoll