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--by Rick Westerman

We operate using Bill's version 3.05 moderator and the FAQ found on the Depot with the following rulings and clarifications. In particular note rulings #7 and #8 which affect train purchases. They are more in line with how other 18xx games function. IMHO, there are enough various English translations of the 1835 rules to back up any point of view regarding train purchases. It really shouldn't matter what rules we play with as long as we are all clear on the rules ahead of time.

If there are any other clarifications you think need to be made then please make them ASAP.

  1. Until the next player submits his turn revised moves may submitted by the current player.
  2. Corrections to the move due to moderator errors should be pointed out as soon as possible. In general after 4-5 new moves have been submitted it will be difficult to fix such errors.
  3. The moderator will automatically make a company's run as large as possible.
  4. If the PR doesn't operate then its stock price is not adjusted.
  5. The PF and NF token-laying powers can only be used during the company's token-laying phase. This means the NF cannot be used to give the BY two quick tile lays north of Furth-Nurnberg in the first operating round; the BY must lay its tiles before it can lay the NF token.
  6. The BA will lay its first token during its first operating round and not during the stock round as with other companies.
  7. If a company purchases a train from another company then the first company can only use its cash on hand for the purchase. It may not use any money from the director.
  8. If a company doesn't have a train and is forced to purchase a train then the company can either purchase any second-hand train (from the Bank Pool or another company) or the cheapest new train in the bank. If purchased from the bank pool or the bank then the director's money can be used to supplement the company's money. If purchased from another company then only company money may be used, as per ruling #7.