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Information About Combining Conventional &Alternative Medicine

FAQ: Dr Stoll's Book

What's this book all about, anyway?

The Book page provides an overview and testimonial about the book. The book is paperback, about 200 pages. Here is an outline of the contents:

  1. Testimonials, Acknowledgments, Foreword
  2. A Concept Whose Time Has Come (page 3-26) an overview of philosophy of alternative healing and a lay explanation of how stress affects us.
  3. The Proof of the Pudding (page 29-99) alternative approaches to resolving or preventing ten common chronic health problems:
  4. The Problem (page 103-110) about the allopathic monopoly.
  5. What You Can Do about the System (page 113-117) awarenesses required to break the allopathic monopoly.
  6. Appendices (page 119-162)
    • choosing a primary care provider
    • how to use your doctor's office
    • how doctor's office should use you
    • self-help resources (diet, exercise, skilled relaxation, reading list)
    • educational resources (organizations, publications, schools)

When people ask for help, why do you sometimes reply: "Buy my book"?

  1. Dr Stoll may suggest that you read his book. The only time he does that is when he believes the book is the least expensive way (in terms of time and money) to get the answers to the question asked. Dr Stoll sells his 200-page book at cost, and there are quite a few testimonials available on the BB and in the Archives. Please take a few minutes to read more information about the book before passing judgment.
  2. Dr Stoll's book effectively and efficiently communicates a new way of thinking about health care. When people come to a doctor in our society, they expect diagnosis and treatment: This pill does this, that pill does that, and which one should I take, and how long til I start feeling better? Doctors eliminated small pox, greatly reduced polio and tetanus, developed anesthesia (making surgery possible), so it's only a matter of time before we have vaccinations and pills for every ache or pain. This is how we have been conditioned to view physicians. It is surprisingly difficult to view them in any other way.
  3. For example, a person might ask Dr Stoll what he thinks of Accutane. Dr Stoll is really not very interested in Accutane - he is interested in curing the acne. This can be done by implementing lifestyle changes that correct hormonal imbalances. Dr Stoll tries to tell the person this, and the person often shakes their head and disappears. The person is stuck in the old conditioning (I'm sick doc, cure me!) When Dr Stoll doesn't offer an alternative pill, the person dismisses him.
  4. The book presents an alternative way of thinking, and provides examples and references to help open the mind to that alternative. Dr Stoll's argument is that the primary role of the physician should be changed from "ultimate medical authority figure" to "coach". People must take responsibility for their own health instead of delegating responsibility to doctors. People need to put some effort into becoming aware how their lifestyle choices affect their health.

How do I order a book?

  1. Please see the Book Page for detailed information on how to order. The page includes information on ordering from overseas.