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Fat in diet

The 10% fat diet (a la Pritkin and Ornish) is a "therapeutic" diet designed to reverse a potentially fatal condition. No one knowledgeable thinks it is a "healthy" diet for the long term. As a matter of fact, if one stays on the diet, once the atherosclerotic condition is reversed (about a year or 2--depending on how well the person does the program), they will get sick. Pritikin did not understand that. All he knew was that his coronary artery disease went away with a 10% diet and he stayed on it. He died of cancer and, for the last 10 years of his life, looked like death warmed over. His autopsy showed the coronary arteries to be as healthy as a baby's. "The operation was a success, but the patient died." The body needs at least 10% of its calories as fat or it cannot make hormones. If one eats LESS than 10% fat, the body has to scavenge for the rest. One of the places it takes it from is what is stored in the walls of the arteries (atherosclerosis). Once there is no longer any stored fat, the person has to increase the fat content.

Fecal Breath

See Halitosis


Feelings are not emotions that happen to you. Feelings are reactions you choose to have, and they show up in your body as physical reactions to thoughts. -- Dr. Wayne Dyer.


Feldenkrais Method Web Site
The Feldenkrais® Method is an approach to working with people which expands their repertoire of movements, enhances their awareness, and improves function. This is done by expanding the self-image through movement sequences that bring attention to the parts of the self that are out of awareness and uninvolved in functional action. Better function is evoked by establishing an improved dynamic relationship between the individual and gravity.


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Fibro - Fibromyositis

Walt's Fibromyositis Article
Walt's Fibro Summary and Q&A Archive
Colorado HealthNet Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Main Page
A disorder characterized by muscle pain, stiffness, and easy fatigability. An estimated 3 million Americans are affected. The further the process has progressed, the more likely there will be permanent damage due to calcium deposits or actual erosion of bone.

See LGS and CRS for causes and Wellness for permanent cure.


Fibroids & abnormal menstrual cycle are diagnostic of " Endocrinopathy". All the term Endocrinopathy means is that the endocrine system is not working up to snuff. Since almost every week, now, more tissues are found to produce endocrine hormones. It is now apparent that the entire bodymind is a web of endocrine glands. Perhaps the day will come (soon) when all chronic conditions will be acknowledged as having an endocrine basis.

Finding Professionals

Professional Referral Network for finding integrative health professionals

Finger nail ridges Across the nail

Walt says: Do all of your nails have the ridge at the same place and just grow out? If so, it can be related to a significant stressor at the time that particular piece of nail was built.

If this is only on some nails, and they are not at the same level with each nail, then this is most commonly caused by a relative deficiency of circulation to the extremities. Do you suffer from cold hands or feet? If this is your situation, you need to become a student of SR and to practice it correctly. Within 3-6 months, the circulation to your extremities will improve enough that these ridges will no longer form. Of course, depending on how fast your nails grow out, it could take 6 more months for you to have all normal nails.

Fingertips, Dry and Cracking

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First aid kit additions suggested by Walt

First, I would get a big bottle of Ester-C (the 1000 milligram size tablet). Next, I would have a set of Bach Flower Remedies. I am assuming that the regular "First-Aid" stuff is already in there.

Most all skin injuries should be scrubbed with an antibacterial soap at least 3 times a day and left open to the air. If the edges of any wound can be separated by finger pressure, it needs suturing. If suturing is not in the cards, those little "butterfly bandages" work very well so long as the wound has been washed well (and dried so the adhesive will stick) with antibacterial soap first.

People need to keep the Heimlich maneuver in their heads AND it is a good idea to have a pictorial description in the kit for those who never took the time to learn it.

Finally, I would have a half-dozen freshly ironed handkerchiefs that were put in a sealed baggie immediately after ironing. Fresh ones should be prepared once a year. For a badly bleeding wound, there is nothing like direct pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. The ironing sterilizes the cloth so one can put the cloth on the wound and put pressure on the cloth.

Fixed Belief

A negative belief so entrenched in one's thinking as to be a fixed part of their perceptual system. The person has stopped seeking or receiving and processing new information. They treat the fixed belief as a fact, and they will no longer subject it to debate or to modification. In this condition, the person will not only miss new information, but they will also overlook important changes in themselves or in other people that would negate the fixed belief.


Floaters are coagulated protein flecks in the anterior chamber of the eye. They CAN be washed out and some docs to that. That does nothing about WHY they are forming, so they nearly always recur if that is all that is done.

The very best way to prevent new ones is to become a serious student of wellness. The interesting thing is that the same protein coagulation is happening everywhere in the body and the floaters are just easy to see in the clear medium of the eye.

One would think that docs would tell people that so they could decide whether they wanted to do something about what this message from the bodymind is trying to tell us. Unfortunately, there is no money in that, so most docs just don't tell people. After all, they get to take care of the consequences for not catching this process early. In this culture, the sicker one is, the more money the "doctor" makes.


Walt's Cure For The Common Cold Article
Walt's Colds and Flu Q&A Archive
A lay term that describes a illness that is characterized by fever, malaise, weakness and muscle aches. An infection caused by the influenza virus.

FMS - FibroMyalgia/chronic Myofascial pain Syndrome

Walt's Fibromyositis Article
A disorder characterized by muscle pain, stiffness, and easy fatigability. An estimated 3 million people are affected in the USA. See LGS and CRS for causes and Wellness for permanent cure.

FOF - Fight or Flight Syndrome

Walt's Modern Medical Interpretation of Stress Article
Health Effects of FOF, part of a free on-line book
A condition caused by a real or imagined threat. The body prepares itself to either Fight or to Flee. Many chemical and blood flow changes occur which helped the Cave Man survive the real threats he faced, but which cause chronic illness in modern society in which people are thrown into this FOF state many times a day, and where they never get out of the state of "constant readiness".

Endocrine tissues play an integral part in the human response to stress. A small part of the brain, called the hypothalamus, receives and monitors information about our environment and coordinates our responses through nerves and hormones. Visual information, as well as smell, hearing, temperature sensation, and pain all alert the hypothalamus to emergencies or environmental hazard. The emotional portions of the brain also relay information to the relay stations in the hypothalamus. From this miniaturized computer center, the brain controls hormone secretion from pituitary gland and other tissues such as the adrenal glands. These hormones control cardiovascular and renal function, metabolism, and act together with the nervous system to adjust our responses to the environment. When over-activated over a long period of time, these systems can cause a deterioration in general health and worsen existing diseases.


A blockage of sweat glands (or hair follicles), The best way to prevent these from forming in a specific area, such as the "bikini" area is to not wear any clothing that touches that area. It also helps to not shave there. The hair is there for a purpose, and preventing this problem is one of those purposes.

The best way to stop Folliculitis in its tracks, once they happen, is to use the hot soaks protocol.

Food Combining

Many nutritionists have set up elaborate rules concerning food combining; that is, what foods should be eaten together. For some people with sensitive digestive tracts, it can be helpful to follow the protocol of proper food combining. For others, it does not seem to matter much at all. If you have a sensitive digestive system, you'll usually feel better when you eat simply and don't combine too many different foods into one meal. The basic food-combining principle is this: Eat fruit alone, eat vegetables and fat with anything, and avoid eating protein with starchy food.

Foot Fungus

Walt's Fungus Infections of the Feet Article
Walt's Foot Fungus Summary and Q&A Archive
Please read Walt's Fungus Infections of the Feet Article for Walt's vinegar treatment for toenail fungus.
Nail tissue is dead tissue. We cannot do ANYTHING about the nail tissue that you have already made. Neither can ANY other approach to nail fungus----no matter how much it costs. The nail is dead!

You have to grow the dead nail off the body. The purpose of the vinegar is to acidify the growing part of the nail which is right down at the bone. This is why the vinegar drops are put right at the cuticle. Placed there it will seep up under the skin into every crack, cranny, and crevasse and will acidify the nail matrix as it grows.

How Much Vinegar to Use: Since the drier the foot is, the less susceptibility to foot fungus it will have, soaking the whole foot in vinegar for toenail fungus would not be a good idea. Even the 2 drops of (typically 4%, since higher acidity sometimes causes irritation in sensitive people) vinegar (placed in each nail bed morning and night) skirts the fine line between something therapeutic and adding excessive moisture to the area. Two drops works without moistening the foot too much.


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FTH-FTK - Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill:

The complete guide to fats, oils, cholesterol, and human health link
A book by Udo Erasmus. Udo Erasmus has made the world of dietary fat understandable. Everything you want to know about lipids has been researched and presented in a way that all of us can understand. See also EFA.

Functional Medicine Update

Functional Medicine Update
A monthly audio cassette or quarterly digital transcript, publication that reports and analyzes preventive and nutritional medicine. Dr. Bland and his professional staff review hundreds of medical journals, then Dr. Bland synthesizes and presents the most clinically-relevant, leading-edge information. Walt has subscribed to this world wide service for more than 18 years as a charter member. Call (800) 843-9660 or go to their Web site at

Fungal Skin Infections

Fungi that infect the skin (dermatophytes) live only in the dead, topmost layer (stratum corneum) and don't penetrate deeper. Some fungal infections cause no symptoms or produce only a small amount of irritation, scaling, and redness. Other fungal infections cause itching, swelling, blisters, and severe scaling.

Fungi usually make their homes in moist areas of the body where skin surfaces meet: between the toes, in the groin, and under the breasts. Obese people are more likely to get these infections because they have excessive skin folds.

Strangely, fungal infections on one part of the body can cause rashes on other parts of the body that aren't infected. For example, a fungal infection on the foot may cause an itchy, bumpy rash on the fingers. These eruptions (dermatophytids or id eruptions) represent allergic reactions to the fungus.

Doctors may suspect fungi when they see a red, irritated rash in one of the commonly affected areas. A doctor can usually confirm the diagnosis by scraping off a small amount of skin and having it examined under a microscope or placed in a culture medium that will grow the fungi so they can be identified.