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Glossary - H

H/G - Hunter/Gatherer metabolic type

Walt's Metabolic Type and ER4YT Diets Q&A Archive
A group of people whose ancestors relied on animals as their primary source of nutrition. These people today can only be satiated by a relatively high purine, high fat, high salt, and limited-carbohydrate diet.


Sometimes called "Fecal Breath"

At least 90% of people with bad halitosis have it from their colon. There are 4 ways the body eliminates waste: Sweat, Urine, Breath, and Feces. IF one has LGS, they are leaking fecal material right back into their blood (Especially if they have as part of their LGS an incompetent iliocecal valve [very common]!) Stuff that leaks into the bloodstream is not the kind of material that can be eliminated via the kidneys, so it tries to go out in the breath or in the sweat. Since it is much easier to go out via the lungs, most does.

So, no matter how well you take care of your mouth, you will NEVER solve this problem until you at least close your iliocecal valve and deal with the LGS.

Headache Treatment

Walt's Controlling Vascular and Migraine Headaches Article
Walt's Headache Summary & Q&A Archive
NIH Headache, Hope Through Research Article - Types, Triggers, and Treatments (Text-only version of NIH Publication No. 84-158)


Healing is the use of the inner power and resources of our mind and body to restore our own unique balance and harmony. It is this balance and harmony that results in full health and gives us the ability to live lives of vitality and joy.

ALL healing processes are gradual with remissions and exacerbations. It is just that the remissions tend to be further apart and the exacerbations less severe till it is over. If you keep a diary you will see this. Often, until you have been doing the SR correctly for about 6 months, your exacerbations can still be bad.

Remember, that the natural progression of chronic conditions is expecting each exacerbation to be MORE severe.

A comparison of Treatment vs. Healing:
External manipulation vs. Self-regulation
Used in crisis vs. Long-term, continuous
Mechanistic, symptom-oriented vs. Holistic, system oriented
Professional authority vs. Self-responsibility

Goal is the absence of signs or symptoms of disease vs. Goal is experiencing full health, wholeness

Principles and Laws of Healing by Michael Loes, M.D.

Principle and Law #1 "Life (the vital force) is God-given but not necessarily God-maintained; free choice exists. Build vital force and health ensues."

Principle and Law #2 "Dynamic and specific directional flow of vital force results in homeostasis. Enhance directional flow, and life springs."

Principle and Law #3 "The Body will make every effort to preserve homeostasis and avoid stasis. Rid stasis, and healing happens."

Principle and Law #4 "Diurnal, lunar, and specific seasonal patterns of energy flow exist. Choose the optimal time and season to heal."

Principle and Law #5 "Intelligence is in the cell. Feed the cell what it needs for health."

Principle and Law #6 "The brain provides one level, but not the only level of support in the cell. Open all lines communicating to the cell and vital exchange occurs."

Principle and Law #7 "Our beliefs create a unique biology within us which creates behavior. It is an equilibrium. Equally true is that behavior creates biology creates belief. Optimize healthy beliefs and behaviors. Expect speedy healing."

Principle and Law #8 "Environment induces gene expression. Live in a healthy environment, and healing happens."

Principle and Law #9 "Toxins exist internally and externally. Our physical and energetic bodies must shield and actively defend itself. Enhance the defense to augment the healing response."

Principle and Law #10 "Aging is a natural phenomenon, but, the rate can be slowed or accelerated. Slow aging and speed healing by seeking youthful habits of play, laughter, and prayer."

(The) Healing Power of Whole Foods

Walt's Sugar Vs Refined Carbohydrates Article where this book is described link
A nutrition book with many recipes by Beth Loiselle, RD. (and forward by Walt Stoll!), Healthways Nutrition, 93 Summertree Drive Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356-9190 (606) 223-2270 or (800) 870-5378. Beth's easy to understand and inspirational book is a must for those wanting to learn every aspect of the basics of eating and healing through whole foods. H/Gs see instead NeanderThin.


An extensive searchable (Allopathic) free health web site with many color pictures and diagrams addressing: injuries, disease, drugs, surgical procedures, symptoms, tests, and poisons.

Health at the Crossroads shows it as out of print, but they will look for a new/used copy.
A book by Dean Black, Ph.D.. Tapestry Press\(800) 333-4290

Heel Spurs

Heel spurs come from injury to the Periosteum covering the weight-bearing surface of the Calcaneous. The little bit of bleeding from this injury cannot get away, and so it attracts calcium which starts the spur. This is why they are always on the bottom of the heel bone.


Hellerwork Link
Hellerwork Practitioners List
Hellerwork is a series of one-hour sessions of deep tissue bodywork and movement education designed to realign the body and to release chronic tension and stress.
Verbal dialogue is also used to assist the client in becoming aware of emotional stress that may be related to their physical tension.

The number of sessions can vary from person to person due to the varying needs of individuals. The plan of the series is organized along the eleven sections, and each section can take one or more sessions to accomplish the desired result.

Hellerwork is an integrated system designed to recondition the whole body. It is not a remedy for illness; rather, it is a process in which people are moved from their current "average" state to an optimal state of health and well being. This optimal state of health is the body's "normal" and natural condition.


Walt's Hemorrhoids and Blood Loss Q/A Archive
Walt says: Hemorrhoids are caused by the same levator ani bracing that causes prostatosis, Interstitial Cystitis, vaginismus, and pelvic congestion syndrome.


Destructive to the liver. See Accutane!


Walt's Hernia Q&A Archive.
The protrusion of a loop or knuckle of an organ or tissue through an abnormal opening.

HGH - Human Growth Hormone

A protein produced in the Pituitary gland that stimulates the liver to produce somatomedins, which stimulate growth of bone and muscle.

Walt's take on HGH: ALL such hormones that can be taken orally have eventually been shown to have very significant negative side effects over the long haul. I would not risk my future health by taking growth hormone until it has been on the market for more than 20 years.

HH - Hiatus Hernia

Walt's Hiatus Hernia Article
Walt's Hiatus Hernia Q&A Archive
Hiatus Hernia: Protrusion of the stomach up into the opening normally occupied by the esophagus in the diaphragm, the muscle that separates the chest (thoracic) cavity from the abdomen. Hiatus in Latin means an opening. Obesity and smoking are considered risk factors. Hiatus hernia is very often associated with GERD.

HIGS - Hyperpermeability/Immunological Gastrointestinal Syndrome

Another name for LGS, now that MDs are finally beginning to (grudgingly) acknowledge the existence of the syndrome.


Walt's Chronic Hives Summary & Q&A Archive
This allergic skin eruption is characterized by multiple, circumscribed, smooth, raised, pinkish, itchy weals that can develop very suddenly almost anywhere on the body.

Hives have also been known to develop in response to cold, heat, animal dander, insect bites, pollen, or stress.
Allopathic treatment often includes antihistamines and adrenaline. Some individuals may also be given corticosteroids.

ALL hives are at least partly related to storage of stress-effect in the hypothalamus. Many are due to environmental hypersensitivities (of which food is one) and they are indirectly mediated through the stress-effect mentioned above. Walt says: By far the most important single thing to get rid of the WHY of hives is SR. Even self-hypnosis will give one nearly immediate results and permanent ones if practiced on the same schedule recommended for SR. Diet can help for a while. Exercise can help for a while. Vitamin C, in large doses can help for a while. Antihistamines can help for a while. HOWEVER, in the long run, one must deal with their LGS, and that takes SR.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health Chapter from the critically acclaimed book: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body Mind Disciplines
Holistic Health is actually an approach to life. Rather than focusing on illness or on specific parts of the body, this ancient approach to health considers the whole person and how s/he interacts with his or her environment. It emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to achieve maximum well-being, where everything is functioning the very best that is possible. With Holistic Health, people accept responsibility for their own level of well-being, and everyday choices are used to take charge of one's own health.

Holistic Health Supersite

Holistic Health Supersite
The relationship between a holistic practitioner and their patient is different than that of allopathic physicians. Since holistic medicine emphasizes the body's innate ability to heal itself, the relationship is more one of mentor and disciple rather than one where you put your life into the hands of an 'all-powerful' doctor.

Holistic Health Yellow Pages

Holistic Health Yellow Pages
A searchable collection of 500,000 holistic practitioners, who are from nearly 100 groups.


Walt's Homeopathic Remedies Q&A Archive

Hormones, sources and doses

Walt's Hormonal Balance\ Q/A Archive
Walt's response to a lady with many HRT questions on sources and dosage of hormones: I am no more comfortable with MY position than the world seems to be with its. I am used to using Premarin----indeed, my wife is on it. Perhaps we will know what form of HRT is best (for every specific individual) in 50-100 years. The problem right now is that everyone's physiology is unique and we are still trying to force everyone into the same keyhole. If you want to read the most coherent, and most up to date, research in the area, you need to subscribe to a year of "Functional Medicine Update". We will know in a few (20) years if vegetable-based estrogen works as well as Premarin.

Hot Compress

Walt's Hot Soaks Q/A Archive
The most effective hot compress (sometimes called a hot soak, but don't immerse a whole hand or foot, etc.) is when you just apply moist heat to the smallest area possible. Heat works by concentrating circulation from your entire body into the area where it is needed. By heating only the involved area, the ratio of the rest of your body to that area is very great.

The secret of hot soaks is that the more locally you can apply the heat, the more effective it will be. SO, what you want to do is to apply the heat with a folded wet wash cloth, directly to the area involved (while pouring hot water over the cloth to keep it as hot as you can stand it--for 5 minutes every hour if acutely inflamed, and at least 4 times a day until it is normal) but NOT soaking your entire hand or foot.

How To Be Healthy

Walt's How To Be Healthy Article
The 3 things most likely to work for everyone are:
1. Aerobic exercise 20 minutes, 3 times a week.
2. For dietary recommendations, follow the information in the book: The Healing Power of Whole Foods, or NeanderThin, if you are a H/G, and
3. Practice an effective form of Skilled Relaxation 20 minutes twice a day.

HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy

Human Genome Project

Walt's Human Genome Project Q/A Archive
CNN Human Genome Project Page


"Hyper-" just means enlarged.


A tissue reaction NOT involving serum globulins---which make up at least 95% of all reactions. In the US, the most common food hypersensitivity is dairy, and the second most common is wheat.

Hypertension - High blood pressure

Walt's Hypertension Alternatives Q/A Archive
Merck Site on hypertension
Walt has yet to see a person with hypertension whose blood pressure was not normal within 6 months by their practicing wellness (for the 25 years that he has known enough to deal with the causes rather than just give drugs to cover up symptoms).

Key things are using mineral salt to be sure to get necessary trace minerals; taking essential oils; gentle, regular exercise; SR; and eating a whole foods diet.

Hypertension and Salt

Walt says that it is NOT the presence of excess sodium, but the imbalance between it and the missing minerals (about 70 of them) that have been removed from "refined salt". SO, changing to mineral salt will help in a year or so. Taking a mineral supplement (crystalline or ionic form--it should have about 70 minerals in the liquid or tablets) would speed that up considerably.


Short, rapid, shallow breaths cause anxiety & poor O2/CO2 exchange ratio. Often occurs in reaction to situations of great emotional stress.

Hypoglycemia AKA hypoglycaemia

An abnormally diminished concentration of glucose in the blood. Low blood sugar.

This occurs when a person with diabetes has injected too much insulin, eaten too little food, or has exercised without eating extra food. Taking small amounts of sugar, sweet juice, or food with sugar will usually help the person feel better within 10-15 minutes.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia include nausea, sweating, weakness, faintness, confusion hallucinations, headache, cold sweat, piloerection (erection of the hair), hypothermia, irritability, bizarre behavior, and fainting. Prolonged hypoglycemia can result in complete loss of consciousness, convulsions, coma, and brain damage.


Low blood pressure


Reduction of oxygen supply to tissue below physiological levels despite adequate perfusion of the tissue by blood.


A portion of the brain which lies beneath the Thalamus and secretes substances (hormones) which control metabolism by exerting an influence on Pituitary gland function.

The Hypothalamus is also involved in the regulation of body temperature, water balance, blood sugar and fat metabolism. The Hypothalamus also regulates other glands such as the Ovaries, Parathyroids and Thyroid.

During the Chronic
Bracing/ the Fight or Flight response, the hypothalamus shunts blood circulation away from the intestinal tract. That is not a problem so long as this shunting lasts only a few minutes or hours. It is a serious problem when it is present 24 hours a day for years on end. Eventually LGS occurs as this reduced blood flow is insufficient for normal intestinal wall repair and regeneration.

Individualized Response to Hormonal Imbalance

EVERYONE has a different response to whatever their particular hormonal balance is. This is a genetic factor relating to their particular genetic makeup (human genome). That means that some will get acne while others will get autoimmune conditions. Some will get cancer, and others will get hypertension; while a number will have glandular problems like thyroid, etc.---ALL from the same lifestyle stresses.

This is why some people will get acne from pregnancy, while others will see their acne clear up with pregnancy. Some will see their acne improve with BC Pills, while others will "get" acne from BC Pills. Some will see acne come with menopause, and others will see it finally disappear. Some will see improvement with HRT, while others will "get" acne from HRT.

The only way Walt knows of to get around this seemingly impossibly complicated system is to let the machinery we all already have do the job FOR us by unloading the hypothalamus via wellness. It is not only a LOT cheaper, it is also a LOT more effective.