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Glossary - I

I do not know this

"Never Utter These Words: 'I do not know this, therefore it is False.' One must study to know: Know to understand: Understand to judge."--Apothegm of Narada.

IBD - Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBS - Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome

IBD Link from Conscious Choice
Category which includes Crohn's Disease and
Ulcerative Colitis.
Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis are late stages of LGS. IBS is an early stage. Which thing the person experiences is not dependent upon different causes, but is due to the genetic propensity of the individual. That makes the solutions almost exactly the same.

IC - Interstitial Cystitis

Walt's Interstitial Cystitis Article
Walt's Interstitial Cystitis Summary and Q&A Archive
A chronic inflammatory condition of the bladder. IC occurs more commonly in females. Symptoms include difficulty urinating, pain on urination, urinary urgency, and increased frequency of urination.

ICAK - International College of Applied Kinesiology.

ICAK Web site
ICAK Chapters, for finding practitioners
The College was founded in 1976 from a group of doctors who had been teaching classes. The purpose of the College is to promote research and teaching of Applied Kinesiology. There is no actual building, but the organization is formed as others in the health care field to bring doctors together with common interests and goals. In the mid 1980's, the organization broke up into chapters representing Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia and the United States.

Iceberg, Treating the Tip of the Iceberg

Treating symptoms instead of addressing the underlying causes. An example: When you have spinal surgery to relieve pain, the only thing being treated is the tip of the iceberg (what MDs are good at). SO, your bodymind has no option than to shout its message louder and in different languages till you hear it.

Still another way to say it, except to the converse: "If you deal with the underlying cause of a problem, you will go a long way toward healing the physical symptom, much the same way that you can eliminate weeds by pulling out their roots instead of merely by snapping off the stems at ground level, leaving the potential for them to return.

IM - Inter-Muscular

(Injected) Into or between a muscle.

Immune Function

The immune system is an intricate network of specialized tissues, organs, cells, and chemicals. The lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, thymus gland, and tonsils all play a role, as do lymphocytes (specialized white blood cells), antibodies, and interferon.

Two types of immunity protect the body: innate and adaptive.

Innate immunity is present at birth and provides the first barrier against microorganisms. The skin, mucus secretions, and the acidity of the stomach are examples of innate immunity that act as a barriers to keep unwanted germs away from more vulnerable tissues.

Adaptive immunity is the second barrier to infection. It is acquired later in life, for example after an immunization or successfully fighting off an infection. The adaptive immune system retains a memory of all the invaders it has faced. This is why people usually get the measles only once, although they may be repeatedly exposed to the disease. Unfortunately some bugs — such as the viruses that cause the common cold—“disguise” themselves and they must be fought off time and again by the immune system.

Immunity and Stress

Walt's Immunity And Stress Article
A famous (but apparently Lost!) study that dramatically related stress to functional immunity to Rabies.

Immunity: in response to a question about eradicating Candida, Walt answered: As Dr. Pasteur said on his death bed: "Alas, Bernard was right. The territory is more important than the organism." This from the main person responsible for our knowing about germs and their relationship to infectious disease. He was saying that our personal immunity is more important than the germ. For example, everyone on this planet is soaked in Candida every minute of their lives. It is in the air, water, food, clothing, on our skin, and throughout our lungs and intestinal tract. Why do we not all have it???? Think about it. There is NO WAY you are going to resolve a specific Candida infection by treating the Candida. As soon as you get rid of it, it will just come back because you cannot avoid being exposed to it. You are going to have to improve your immunity (the territory) by improving your wellness.


Occurs under stress, stops natural inflammatory responses that normally protect the body. During stress situations, cortisol production inhibits regular inflammatory responses.

Diseases occur: Because you (the host) become vulnerable and have exposure to an infectious agent (bacteria/virus), you can get sick with illness (cold, flu, mono, etc.). Typically, stress reactions manifest as vulnerability to disease 2-7 days after the peak exposure to the stressor. So if you have undergone a particularly stressful time, about a week later you might develop a cold.


Things are "incurable" until we know how to cure them.


A respiratory virus illness. Walt recommends Amantidine for influenza treatment AND prevention, it does NOT work for a cold. At the first sign of the flu, he would start 2 capsules of 200 milligrams each twice a day for 5 days. If he was just exposed, he would use half that dose for the same length of time to prevent it.

INS - Institute of Noetic Sciences

INS Web site
INS, P.O. Box 909, Sausalito, California 94966 (415) 331-5650


Doing the same wrong thing over and over again, expecting a different result each time.

Insect Bites, minor, treatment for reducing pain and swelling with meat tenderizer

The next time this happens, right away put a wet tissue (soaked with meat tenderizer) on the site and hold it there as long as you have the patience to do so. The sooner you do it, and the longer you hold it, the more likely it will minimize the swelling.

Venom is a protein, and meat tenderizer is designed to break down protein bonds (Indeed, that is how it tenderizes meat.)

Since most meat tenderizer comes as a powder, you can wet the tissue and sprinkle the powder on the area which you are planning to press on the sting. Hold as much on the tissue as you can and apply it directly.


Insomnia may be defined as a disturbance or perceived disturbance of the usual sleep pattern of the individual that has troublesome consequences. These consequences may include daytime fatigue and drowsiness, irritability, anxiety, depression, and somatic complaints. Categories of disturbed sleep are (1) inability to fall asleep, (2) inability to maintain sleep, and (3) early awakening.


A family of glycoproteins: proteins derived from human cells which normally has a role in fighting viral infections by preventing virus multiplication in cells.

BY FAR the most efficient, safest, and least expensive way to produce interferon in the body (lots more than you can take) is by getting your vitamin C high enough that it turns on the body's interferon factories. This requires at least 50-100 grams of Vitamin C a day for 5-10 days. This level cannot usually be attained using ordinary vitamin C orally, due to bowel tolerance limits. One can get the equivalent of about 50 grams of ordinary Vitamin C by using about 12 grams of oral ESTERIFIED vitamin C per day. Alternately, this level can be attained by IV Vitamin C administration.


MedicalIntiuitive">Medical Intuitives,
HealingIntuitive">Healing Intuitives, and
NaturalHealingIntuitive">Natural Healing Intuitives

Medical Intuitive
Generally speaking, medical intuition is the utilization of a focused, intuitive instinct to 'diagnose' or 'read' energetic and frequency information in and around the human body. The talent to use these intuitive skills is an innate, natural phenomenon. It can be honed through persistent practice - much like any other human activity. A person who practices this art and science is called a 'medical intuitive'. Walt Stoll is a medical intuitive, but he does not currently practice this talent.

A medical intuitive can do a variety of things depending upon their level of natural skill, professional experience, world view, and medical/natural healing background and education.

Typically, a medical intuitive will 'scan' a client's body (and being) - intuitively. Then, the client is provided verbal or written feedback. Occasionally, this information is also provided to the client's medical doctor and/or health care professional. This medically-oriented information is utilized to better prepare a specific, detailed treatment plan for the client.

Most medical intuitives work with (or are) medical doctors. Also, it is rare to find a 'straight' medical intuitive - that is, someone who provides only information. Most practitioners in this field perform at least some direct medical and/or healing intervention themselves.

Healing Intuitive
Another type of medical intuitive is the 'healing intuitive'. A healing intuitive often lacks traditional medical training. Nonetheless, they have the gift of 'knowing'. These people are often found in the professions of bodywork, counseling and other non-medical healing arts. They are the practitioners who seem to always say the right thing, put their hands in the right place, etc.

Usually, a healing intuitive does not have a technical understanding of what they are doing. They would not be able to easily explain the mechanisms by which they gain information or how they provide healing care.

Natural Healing Intuitive

A 'natural healing intuitive' is an ascendant of the healing intuitive. Typically, a 'natural healing intuitive' is trained and/or experienced in one or more healing arts such as homeopathy, naturopathy, etc. This person can provide technical, specific 'natural health' oriented feedback to the client. Often, a treatment plan focusing on natural healing therapies is provided to the client based upon the intuitive information uncovered.

On rare occasion, a person is experienced and talented enough to be in all three categories: medical, healing and natural healing intuitive. Obviously, if you are led to seek assistance from an intuitive, a person with this multiple skill set might prove preferable.

A gifted medical or natural healing intuitive can 'see' and pinpoint specific illnesses, imbalances, weaknesses and pre-clinical disease states in the human body. They can also 'read' the strengths and positives of the client's health and wellness. Simply, they can 'see' things that even the most sophisticated medical and natural healing diagnostic tests can not reveal! Due to the deep nature of the intuitive's work, conditions can be detected and preemptive work done to stop them from manifesting into outward physical disease. The advantage of this should be obvious.

Further, the findings of many wellness oriented intuitive practitioners go well beyond the purely physical aspects of a client's health challenge. Often, causal information is uncovered that details mental, emotional, and energetic states within the client. Some practitioners can intuit beyond even these categories into deeper and more esoteric influences surrounding the client's health status.


A low oxygen state usually due to obstruction of the arterial blood supply or inadequate blood flow leading to hypoxia in the tissue. This can be observed occurring as a result of emotional stress, as well as physical exercise/stress.

ISD - Immune System Disorders

Walt's AIDS Q&A Archive
Walt's Cancer Summary and Q&A Archive
Immune system: The body system, made up of many organs and cells, that defends the body against infection, disease, and foreign substances.

ITP - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

ITP Web site
A private, non-sectarian graduate school. For over twenty years the Institute has remained a leader at the forefront of psychological research andeducation, probing the mind, body, spirit connection.
ITP, 744 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto CA 94303
650-493-4430 / 650-493-6835 (Fax).

ITYC - Is This Your Child: Discovering and Treating Unrecognized Allergies in Children and Adults Link
By Doris Rapp, MD. Reveals that common allergies may be the cause of many health and behavioral problems. Offers a simple yet effective approach to handling many children who are hyperactive, slow learners, cranky, or always sick. The remedies recommended have been tested and proven effective.

IV - Inter-Venous

(Injected) Within or into a vein.