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Glossary - L

Lactic acid

One of the waste metabolites of muscular action. Bracing raises lactic acid in the muscle (one of the causes of chronic fatigue, since the metabolic marker for fatigue IS lactic acid) and in the blood stream.

Why can't one hold a clenched fist for hours like one could wave that hand for hours? It is because the clenched fist traps the lactic acid and the waving hand washes it away. Bracing is like the clenched fist.

LBS - Leaky Brain Syndrome

Embryologically, the gut lining is related to the blood-brain barrier. SO, when there is LGS, there is also a leaky blood-brain barrier which increases the stress-effect on the hypothalamus.

Learning from the experience of others
Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so."
- Douglas Adams

LFCNES - Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome

A leg pain, always caused by chronic bracing.

LGS - Leaky Gut Syndrome

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The lining of the intestinal tract (from the lips to the anus) is no longer perfectly protecting our inner body from the foreign substances in the outside world. It becomes permeable. See also Hypothalamus,
Fight or Flight Syndrome,
Chronic Bracing, and
Walt has never seen any kind of diet reverse LGS, although it may help in the short run. Only SR will reverse it in the long run. Rapid transit time is typical of LGS.

The technical term for leaky intestines is "intestinal permeability."

Cause of LGS

Nearly all LGS is due to bracing stealing the blood supply from the gut replacement process.

LGS-related conditions:

These variations are NOT due to different causes, but are due to the genetic disposition of the person with the problem. SO, basically, the curative approach is the same for all these conditions.

LGS and flora/fauna

A normal gut cannot keep the healthy germs from growing there. LGS is NOT "normal" and so long as it exists, most normal germs tend to pass right on through. Likewise, ALL parasitic conditions ONLY occur when the normal colonic ecology is destroyed (LGS). Parasites are all around all of us every day. The reason we do not all have them is because our normal intestinal ecology is very unfriendly to them.

Although it IS true that parasites will make any LGS worse by further damaging the intestinal wall, one has to have LGS first to be able to GET parasites.

LGS and Gas: LGS, all by itself, tends to promote fermentation instead or digestion. Fermentation produces gas, and normal digestion does not.

LGS and Casein and Gluten

Casein (milk protein) only worsens LGS like gluten (wheat protein) aggravates celiac disease and Crohn's Disease. The LGS has to come first, and THEN, when the resultant poorly-digested milk protein (or wheat protein--etc.), leaks thru into the bloodstream and causes the immunity surrounding the gut to be inflamed and over-reactive, the gut lining is further damaged. Since it is the protein that triggers ANY immunological reaction, yogurt would be just as bad as any other dairy product--in this regard.

LGS and Candida

If you put an apple seed on a table, it would sit there for hundreds of years without sprouting because it knows, somehow, that if it sprouts it will die. There is no soil or water there for it to have a chance of rooting successfully, so it stays, safely, in the seed. Put it in a friendly environment and it will sprout.

We humans have been on this planet for about 1,000,000 years & have coexisted with the candida yeast all that time without problems--until this industrial (civilized) age. The yeast form of candida is the "seed" form. Only when it sprouts (into the active fungal form) can it cause problems.

Our intestinal tract is designed to keep the internal environment very unfriendly to Candida (and to all other pathogenic organisms) so they will not "sprout" there. ALL pathogenic organisms like an alkaline environment and hate an acid one. So long as the 500+ kinds of healthy bacteria live in balance in our colon, NONE of these pathogenic organisms will want to live there, since they keep the colon acid (Ever hear of acidophilus?).

Only when we develop leaky gut syndrome, do we inevitably develop Dysbiosis (the imbalance of these healthy bacteria). This is when we become susceptible to things like candida.

The usual scenario is that the candida yeast, always looking for a friendly place to grow, comes in the mouth & migrates, with the rest of our GI stuff into the colon. If the colon contents are healthy, the seed says: "Boy! This is not a very good place for me. Let me out of here!" It passes out with the rest of the stool and looks elsewhere.

However, if the environment is already unhealthy, the little candida yeast (seed) says: "Well! This place is not so bad. There is plenty of undigested food that is being fermented instead of digested (LGS), a nice alkaline environment; I could live here." So it sprouts into the active fungal form.

So that it will not get passed out with the rest of the colon contents, it "roots" itself into the intestinal wall with the fungal mycelia. It is this "rooting" that increases the leakiness of the LGS AND causes the immune system to react in such a way that the candida-related syndrome (C-RS) comes to be.

YES! Candida yeast (seeds) are everywhere. What is different about YOU that allows it to grow in YOUR garden? It doesn't seem to matter how many candida yeasts we are exposed to since we have been swimming in it all our lives. The main thing is how susceptible to its growing in our colon we are.

Those who worry about the candida in makeup just don't understand the way this works. The current hysteria about the increasing problems with infectious diseases in the world don't understand that problem either.

The reason for the observed phenomenon is more a result of the reduction of the world's immunological reserves for resisting these organisms than it is of being exposed to new and wonderful germs. Now that we have put off doing something about the general immunological resistance in the population (with antibiotics, etc.), the problem is worse than it would have been since we now have antibiotic resistant bugs to deal with as the crisis approaches.

That is why I have always emphasized learning about LGS, why one has it, AND doing something about THOSE causes, BEFORE trying to kill out the candida. If the susceptibility is not dealt with FIRST, what in the world is going to prevent the condition recurring (short of moving to Mars)????

LGS Testing

So far, the best test for LGS is the Comprehensive Stool Analysis at Great Smokies Diagnostic Labs. They can tell you which physicians near to you would not only know how to order which test but, even more important, how to interpret it.

Liver conditions

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Liver Death Tests

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Walt does NOT recommend people getting the old liver death tests. Instead he recommends the new test to see what part of the liver is still ALIVE!

LDH, SGPT, and SGOT are very common enzymes that are in liver cells. If the cell dies, the cell membrane can no longer keep it in the cell, so it escapes into the blood where the liver death test will find it.

LDH stands for Lactic DeHydrogenase, SGOT stands for Serum Glutamic Oxylate Transaminase, SGPT stands for Serum Glutamic Pyruvate Transaminase.


See also existing
The exercise of certain learned skills, attitudes, and abilities that you have acquired and honed to a sharp and focused edge. The primary goal of living is to have a quality of experience that is unique and rewarding. The skills that you need to create that quality of life are the skills of understanding the cause-and-effect relationships of life - Using your knowledge to make things happen the way you want them to.


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A systemic disease in which a person produces antibodies to their own body tissues. Often causes kidney damage, arthritis, pericarditis, and vasculitis. Post hoc, ergo propter hoc. See LGS and CRS for causes and Wellness for permanent cure.

Lyme Disease

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Lymph Node Swelling

What causes swollen lymph nodes? When are they a serious problem?
The Anatomy of the Immune System

First, chronic bracing almost inevitably eventually produces the habit of letting the teeth touch while you are relaxed. This causes a reflex action of blockage of the return flow of blood and lymph through the pterygoid plexus (Reference: Monograph by Upjohn Pharmaceuticals [Dr. Meyer] in 1967). This causes a back pressure that would enlarge lymph nodes simply from that pressure.

In addition, the swelling in the sinuses and nasal passages from this same back pressure greatly reduces the ability of the upper respiratory tract to cleanse itself of bacteria, viruses and allergens. This leaves the protection of the area up to the lymphatic system and, in order to gain the extra reserves necessary for the extra work, frequently the lymph nodes need to grow larger.

ALL of the mouth and teeth are part of this system, so the lymph nodes have more work to do to handle the bacteria that grow in the gingival sulci as well.

Finally, the chronic bracing that causes THIS is also the most common cause of LGS, and so there is a lot more challenge to the entire immunological system (70% of the entire lymph system surrounds the gut and LGS really stresses that).

Keeping Lymph nodes enlarged just by touching them: Walt says: Lymph nodes automatically enlarge when the system is physically pushed. Just continuing to touch the lymph nodes periodically to check if they are still there or if they are growing, will keep them enlarging.If you don't touch them at all, it will still take an average of 6 weeks for them to go away (shrink to normal size). Since there is no condition in which 6 weeks delay of diagnosis would make any difference, you would be far ahead if you could keep from touching them for 6 weeks. If they are larger then, you need a biopsy, if smaller, (even though not totally gone) you need to wait another 6 weeks.