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Glossary - M


Macrobiotic Studies Organization Link
Macrobiotics, as opposed to Microbiotics, means "larger life study". That is, Macrobiotics is the over-all study of life as it applies to human experience. Its aim is to discover and apply lessons learned through such study to the problems that each person faces in their daily lives, such as disease, pain, suffering, etc. Its goal is to help people everywhere live better lives by teaching simple ways to restore health and to maintain it, both in mind and body, by means readily available to everyone.

Your librarian can show you a whole section with books about Macrobiotics. Read a simple introductory one first. Or, call the Kushi Institute (where all Certified Macrobiotics Instructors get their training) at (413) 623-5741 and ask them for recommended references.

Magnesium, preferred forms

Magnesium glycinate is the most easily absorbed form (orally). Magnesium chloride is the preferred IV form of magnesium. It is poorly absorbed orally.


Sometimes worn on the outside of the body to temporarily reduce joint pain. May address one's symptoms, but it seems unlikely that most pain is a magnetism deficiency.

MAHMAS - Mind As Healer, Mind As Slayer link
A classic book by Kenneth R. Pelletier. Dr. Pelletier helps you identify the sources of your own stress and
evaluate if your stress levels are dangerously high. Then he explores all the proven techniques--from meditation to biofeedback--for reducing stress, giving your immune system a boost, and speeding the healing process.


Impaired intestinal absorption of nutrients. See LGS.


A vague feeling of bodily discomfort.


Something to focus one's attention on during meditation. A mantra can be just about anything.. an area a few feet in front of your body where you focus, a chant that you say to yourself or you 'hear' within your mind, your own breath, or one of my favorites: nothing more than the natural ringing that occurs in our ears.


Walt's Massage/Rolfing Q&A Archive

MCD - Mad Cow Disease

Walt's Mad Cow Disease Q&A Archive

MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Walt's Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Summary and Q&A Archive
Colorado HealthNet MCS Main Page
Melva Gail Smith's Environmental Illness site
See LGS and CRS for causes and Wellness for permanent cure.

Medical Freedom Party

Medical Freedom Party web site
John Counts' interesting and informative web site.

Medical Records

Having a copy of all your medical records in the home is the first step toward self-responsibility for health.

Medications - too many

Every doc is taught in medical school is that as soon as any patient gets on more than 3 medications, it is a certainty that the side effects of, and the drug interactions between, those medications will always cause more harm than good. That means that: If a person were shipwrecked on a desert isle for a few weeks, and had only their most important 3 medications with them, they would be a lot better off at the end of that time.

Meditating With Children: The Art of Concentration and Centering : A Workbook on New Educational Methods Using Meditation link
A meditation book by Deborah Rozman. Guided imagery, yoga, creative fantasy, movement, psychology, and love are used to give form to the inner spiritual qualities inherent in youth, resulting in happier, more caring children who may communicate the truth of their hearts.


Roger Wells' free/donation downloadable meditation book: Happy To Burn site
Article on Mind-Body and Meditation
Meditation is a self-directed practice for relaxing the body and calming the mind. One form of Skilled Relaxation. A technique for restoring energy and equanimity. Typically involves sitting quietly, breathing deeply, concentrating intently on some object or sound (mantra) - a candle, a flower, a word, your own breathing. This replaces the everyday thoughts and problems that keep you preoccupied and unsettled. Relax your facial muscles, then the rest of your body, but don't slouch. Search your memory for a pleasant scene and try to visualize it as you breathe more deeply and relax totally. See book The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson.

Most meditation techniques are grouped into two major categories: concentrative meditation and mindfulness meditation. Concentrative meditation focuses on the breath, an image, or a sound in order to still the mind and allow a greater awareness to emerge. In mindfulness meditation, the meditator simply witnesses whatever goes through the mind without reacting or becoming involved with thoughts, memories, or worries. In both forms of meditation, one becomes keenly aware of reactions to stress, providing the individual with an increased internal sense of control.

A large variety of meditation techniques are in common use; each has its own proponents. Meditation generally does not involve suggestion, autosuggestion, or trance. The goal of mindfulness meditation is development of a nonjudgmental awareness of bodily sensations and mental activities occurring in the present moment. Concentration meditation trains the person to passively attend to a bodily process, a word, and/or a stimulus.

Transcendental meditation focuses on a "suitable" sound or thought (the mantra) without attempting to actually concentrate on the sound or thought. There are also many movement meditations, such as yoga and the walking meditation of Zen Buddhism.


New tools and techniques for brain growth and mind expansion link
A book by Michael Hutchison, published in 1986 by Beech Tree Books. Looks at the recently-developed machines and devices that may soon allow us to increase brain size and intelligence; regenerate brain cells; trigger specific brain states such as euphoria, long- and short-term memory, sexual excitement, and creativity; and control the brain's electrical activity in order to alter such "involuntary" mechanisms as blood pressure, heart rate, and the secretion of hormones. Megabrain is a lucid and lively account of where the pioneers in brain research are headed -- and where they are taking us.


Walt's Baker's Cyst Q&A Archive
A commonly-injured structure in the knee.

In the absence of a specific trauma, usually caused by chronic

Mercola, Dr. Joseph Optimal Wellness Center

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My passion s treating complex chronic illness by integrating lifestyle changes with innovative tools in nutrition and psycho neurobiology. I use sophisticated biochemical assessments and data collection of the autonomic nervous system (muscle testing) to help me individualize treatment programs.
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Mercury-Free Dentists

American Listing of Mercury Free Dentists by State
Dentists who use alternatives to dental amalgams with mercury.

Mercury Toxicity

Walt's Amalgams Article
Walt's Mercury Toxicity Q&A Archive
Discussed here from mercury coming from Dental Amalgams, etc.

Meridian Valley Laboratory

Meridian Valley Lab Web Site
The place Walt recommends people get Liver Function Tests from.

Metabolic Type and ER4YT (Eat Right For Your Type) Diets

Walt's Metabolic Type and ER4YT Diets Q&A Archive
Elimination Diet. Agriculturist Diet.
Hunter-Gatherer Metabolic Diet. ER4YT.

Fatigue is the most common response when eating a food that is inappropriate for your inherited metabolism.


The relation between the mind and the body in a religious, social, spiritual, behavioral, and metaphysical context. This concept is significant in the field of alternative medicine. It differs from the relationship between physiologic processes and behavior where the emphasis is on the body's physiology ( = psychophysiology).

Mg - Magnesium

Walt's Magnesium Summary and Q&A Archive
High Absorption Magnesium product
Magnesium deficiency is likely to occur with LGS and with eating refined foods. Once such conditions occur, the absorption of magnesium by the intestines is so diminished that oral supplementation may be ineffective. Walt says that 1-2 grams of elemental magnesium interveniously (IV) cannot hurt anyone and that one needs at least that much several days a week for a couple of weeks to have a chance of getting the body storage up enough to enhance oral absorption.

Walt says: The 3 most common conditions, which are presently becoming an epidemic in this country, that are greatly influenced by low intracellular magnesium, are: cardiac dysrrhythmias, muscle tension problems, and asthma. It is not surprising in that magnesium is one of the most common minerals lost in food refining, and people in this country have been eating mostly refined food for more than 80 years. Nearly 80% of all US citizens are magnesium deficient.

Migraine Headache

Walt's Controlling Vascular and Migraine Headaches Article
Walt's Headache Summary and Q&A Archive
Often described as a unilateral pain, generally accompanied with nausea and vomiting, with the pain characterized as throbbing or pulsating.


Don't Believe in Miracles, Depend On Them! --Max Stein

A miracle as "an unusual or extraordinary event. . .that finds no reasonable explanation in ordinary human abilities or in other known forces."

If you are asking if all miracles involve some sort of transformation of matter, the answer is "No." But they always have effect. Remember, everything you perceive is an idea, so there is no difference at all between what you define as "tangible" and what you call "intangible." A miracle might involve a change in the way you see your world, it might involve a physical healing, it might involve meeting exactly the right person at exactly the right time! There is no difference in quality or difficulty among any of these events.

Miracles are also much broader in their effect than you now understand. One miracle may affect thousands and will always echo around your world. What to you is a "small" miracle might be a ripple from a dramatic event many miles away. Every miracle changes the world.

You don't need an explanation for everything. Recognize that there are such things as miracles, events for which there are no explanations. Later, knowledge may explain those events quite easily. The fact that you can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return are common miracles. Your duty to yourself is to believe that for which you have sufficient evidence, and to suspend your judgment when you have not. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Some things have to be believed to be seen. Vision is the art of seeing invisible things.

Mixed - Mixed Metabolic type

Walt's Metabolic Type and ER4YT Diets Q&A Archive

MO - Mineral Oil

Tricks for getting it down a child: Mineral oil given with a bedtime treat: either a carton of yogurt where the oil is stirred into the top third since that's all s/he'll eat. Alternatives include putting it under the frosting of cake (since you know the kid will eat that part), stirring it into ice cream, and disassembling a frozen yogurt "ice cream sandwich" and smearing it on both sides before reassembling.


Walt's Moles Q&A Archive

Monkey Mind

It is that stream of consciousness that keeps flitting from one thing to another like a monkey jumping from branch to branch. Even when you are concentrating, your mind drifts off to fantasize about something you are going to do next weekend or an unresolved problem you must face tomorrow.

But you have the power to stop the antics of this monkey mind and achieve the " quiet or still'' mind that is essential to the benefits of SR.

The undisciplined mind is like a monkey, chattering constantly, always seeking input. Meditation (and other SR techniques) is the process of calming and training the monkey to be still. As this occurs, (and in the beginning it IS difficult) other benefits make themselves known. Because of the difficulty, most people tend to "process" i.e. to think about whatever the mind throws up in a sort of reverie rather than to still the mind and to turn it inward. Concentrating on something familiar such as your breathing, or gazing (not staring) at a Mandela are a good start.

Also remember that we all have "monkey mind". One of the hardest things for people to do is give up the workings of the mind while in the relaxation response. So far, no one has had better advice than, once one realizes that they are thinking, to just go back to the Autogenics (or whatever SR technique they are using) and proceed. NO frustration, NO anger at self for monkey mind, etc., just go back to the technique.

The average person has about 15,000 random thoughts every day . . . or about 1 million thoughts in three months. Most of us run about 50% negative in our thoughts, unless we're overly depressed or anxious, in which case we're running 75% to 100% negative. Those thoughts become emotions . . . and those emotions create rather solid MindBody states. In other words, those 15,000 random thoughts than we have each day dramatically affect both our physiology and our mental state.

Concentration is necessary to discipline the "monkey mind''. We must learn to hold the mind steady on a physical object, an idea, or a revered figure, and to bring it back when it slips away. The mind tries to take control , but by carefully watching the process of our thinking, we can learn to ensure that we, and not the mind, determine the content and activity of our consciousness.

Do not force the mind to stay focused The mind is like a crazy monkey: the more you try to calm it by force and to make it stay on a definite place, the more it will refuse to do that, doing exactly the opposite: jumping even more crazily form one place to another. Therefore, start focusing the mind very softly upon the chosen object (or technique), and when it jumps to another object, just bring it back calmly and patiently, with humor and compassion at your lack of discipline. If you get angry about this continuous mental jumping, this will only increase the mind's tendency to disperse.

Mono - Mononucleosis

Walt's EBV and Chronic Fatigue Q&A Archive
Related to EBV. The reason it is called the "kissing disease" is because it is such a weak virus that it takes very close contact to transmit it. However, that name ignores the most important factor in whether one gets this or not. THAT is: how strong is the immune system of the individual? Healthy people do not get mono OR have chronic EBV (caused by the same virus that causes mono). The first time you have mono symptoms, it is called Mono, if it recurs, it is called chronic EBV.

If the Mono Test is positive, were this me (Walt), I would start taking at least 4 grams of Ester-C 3 times a day immediately, up to loose stools (bowel tolerance) of as much as 10 grams, 3 times a day. That will shorten the course of the mono from 6 weeks to 6 months to less than a week. Be sure to keep up the vitamin C until the mono is gone for a few weeks, or it might recur.

Strep throat frequently accompanies mono, although there is no known connection.

Mono and Spleen Enlargement: The spleen normally enlarges with mono, and, during that time a child, especially should not ride in a car (for fear of a possible accident) or ride a tricycle, etc., since the slightest blow to his abdomen could rupture the spleen. This will all go away on its own.

Mono and the Liver: Since acute mono normally affects the liver, one needs to be very careful about drugs (including alcohol) that are detoxified in the liver.

Morning Sickness

Walt says: Morning sickness almost always occurs in the first 4 months of pregnancy, and is caused by a relative deficiency of vitamin B6 which is correctable with one injection of 200 milligrams.

MS - Multiple Sclerosis

Colorado Health Net Main page on MS
There are specific things that will help MS: Dr Swank's diet, removal of mercury, dealing with MCS, and greatly improving the nutrition of nerve tissue.

MSG - MontiSodiumGlutimate

Hidden Names for MSG

MSM - MethylSulfonylMethane

MSM is an organic form of sulfur that can be easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Robert McFerran has noticed that MSM seems to be nearly a "wonder supplement" for Agriculturalists, while practically useless for Hunter-Gatherers.

Muscle Tension Headache

Walt's Controlling Vascular and Migraine Headaches Article
Walt's Headache Summary and Q&A Archive
Generally described as a bilateral dull ache, pressure or cap-like pain that is usually located in the forehead, neck and shoulder regions. The headache typically occurs from two to seven days a week and can last from one hour to all day; a small proportion of tension headache sufferers have continuous headache.

Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing: Getting to What Really Ails You Link
By pressing a limb, before and after being exposed to a thought, question, or substance, the body is said to reveal long-hidden information about our individual strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and needs for healing.

MVP - Mitral Valve Prolapse

Walt's Mitral Valve Prolapse Article
Walt's MVP Q&A Archive
ABC News MVP Article
Walt calls MVP mostly a FAD diagnosis and he encourages people to deal with the real causes of their symptoms. He says: If you went down the street and selected people at random, a high % of them (with MVP symptoms or not) would show (by echocardiogram) the same incompetence of the Mitral Valve as is now being touted as MVP. It is not significant and causes no symptoms. By dealing with the real causes of those symptoms (in those who have them), the symptoms go away, while the echocardiogram has not changed.

ALL legitimate Mitral valve lesions have attached to their name the actual cause of the problem, such as: Rheumatic Mitral Valvular Insufficiency (or Stenosis), etc.


Prokaryotic microorganisms lack cell walls and are therefore resistant to many antibiotics. Formerly known as Pleuro Pneumonia Like Organisms (PPLO). A causative agent of pneumonia in humans and some domestic animals is Mycoplasma pneumonia.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Muscular pain in numerous body regions that can be reproduced by pressure on trigger points, localized hardenings in skeletal muscle tissue. Pain is referred to a location distant from the trigger points. A prime example is the TemporoMandibular Joint TMJ dysfunction syndrome.


Since time began, a mystic has been one who seeks truth.


The practice of those who are initiated into the mysteries, the practice of putting oneself into direct relation with GOD, the Absolute, or any unifying principle of life.

Mysticism, from a historical and psychological viewpoint, is the search for and experience of the relationship of the individual himself and the totality that makes up the universe. A mystic is either a person who has this knowledge as background music to his daily experience, or else a person who strives and works consistently to attain this knowledge.

The results of this attainment are a capacity to transcend the painful and negative aspects of everyday life and to live with a serenity, an inner peace, a joy and capacity to love that are so characteristic of the lives of the mystics. The best of mysticism also provides a zest, a fervor and gusto in life plus a much higher ability to function in the affairs of everyday life.

SR, in the context of Ask Dr. Stoll, is NOT about Mysticism, but about wellness.