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Glossary - R

Racketeering in Medicine--The Suppression of Alternatives: Hippocrates forsaken for Profit! link
A book by James Carter, MD, Dr. P.H.. This was published by Hampton Roads in 1992 and can be ordered directly by calling (800) 766-8009

RAI - RadioActive Iodine

Walt's Alternatives to RAI Treatment Article
Destroying the thyroid with RadioActive Iodine radiation. Walt says Don't do it till you have first explored all your alternatives!

RBC - Red Blood Cells - or Red Blood cell Count


Walt's Emphysema and Rebounding Article
A Rebounder Sales Site
Another Rebounder Sales Site
A low-impact aerobic exercise done on a rebounder (mini-trampoline) which has many health benefits including: circulates the lymph fluid throughout the body, thereby cleansing, removing wastes and toxins; strengthens and tones the body, including the internal organs; enhances balance, rhythm, coordination, and dexterity; improves digestion, elimination and vitality; aids in weight loss; and can be done at any level of fitness.

Helen David Rebounder Offer: Email Helen David for details on purchasing a quality rebounder at a price below the web site prices, plus a donation is made to Walt Stoll for each purchase made thru her.

Refined Foods

Walt's Whole Foods Diet Summary and Q&A Archive
Those whole or natural foods that man has processed, changed, or fragmented. Vital nutrients are removed when man changes natural foods into refined foods. See The Healing Power Of Whole Foods. and/or NeanderThin. The basic reason for refining has been so that the shelf life will be much longer (No self-respecting fungus or bug will eat it. They know better.) The only reason humans survive eating refined foods is that we are the most complex organisms on the planet. That does not stop us from becoming chronically ill, though.

For example, an unpeeled potato is "whole" and a peeled one is not (it is refined). Most of the essential nutrients are in the peeling. Nearly all the calories are in the white stuff inside. An unpeeled wheat grain is "whole" and the refined wheat has had the "peeling removed" = white flour. Brown rice is whole and white rice is not (it is refined).


Walt's Reflexology Article
Reflexology utilizes a "map" of the entire human body which exists on the soles of the feet (or hands, or ears). By massaging (in a certain way) the places on the feet, that correspond to the organs in that location of the map, those organs can be influenced (stimulated).


A backward or return flow. See Acid Reflux.


Reiki translates from Japanese as Universal Life Force, Universal Life Energy, Spiritual Consciousness or Vital Radiant Energy. It is an ancient hands-on healing technique rediscovered and taught by Dr. Mikao Usui, a minister in mid-nineteenth century Japan who wanted to know how to perform physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. His research culminated in the Reiki System of Natural Healing taught by a Master who attunes his student initiates. This attunement is preceded by classes teaching the student the basic philosophy, technique, sacred symbols and mantras of Reiki.

Reiki healing energy apparently flows wherever it is needed in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body. It enters in points roughly corresponding to the 7 chakras and can feel like radiant heat or pulsating energy, or a combination of both. Truly there is no healer, or one being healed. Rather, the Reiki aids in releasing any blockage or belief that one is not already whole and in optimum health.

Reinventing Medicine : Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing link
Book by Larry Dossey, the father of mind-body medicine and perhaps best known for his advocacy of the role of prayer in healing in 1995's best-selling Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine. He admits that working on such seemingly impossible projects a few years ago would have ruined a researcher's career with "ATF," or "the anti-tenure factor." But things are changing. He wrote Reinventing Medicine to present proof that "the mind can literally change the external world" and how this "nonlocal mind" will change health care in the future. Doubters, he says, merely need to examine their own dreams for proof this is true. When was the last time you had a conversation or found yourself in a situation you dreamed about the night before? Studies from as early as the 1960s "strongly suggest that dreams are an avenue of nonlocal communication between separate, distant persons."

Dossey's support of the nonlocal mind is sure to draw pooh-poohs from cynics, including M.D.s, but, he warns, health-care workers are bound to experience this force firsthand: "Doctors can experience their patients' symptoms nonlocally, and this can be unpleasant." He cites the example of psychiatrist Mona Lisa Shulz, a medical intuitive, who "began to grow increasingly uncomfortable, feeling hot and flushed," while speaking over the phone with a feverish patient. Dossey says this telesomatic event, extreme empathy, or whatever you want to call it, is dangerous, but that "empathic balance" is something that will be taught in medical schools in the future to ensure accurate diagnoses of ill patients.

(The) Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook link
A book by Martha Davis, Ph.D. Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, M.S.W. Matthew McKay, Ph.D.
paperback, 275 pages.
This is the book that Walt recommends to anyone contemplating doing SR. This classic stress reduction workbook explains proven stress reduction techniques in a step-by-step format. SR and related Techniques in The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook in Alphabetical order:

(The) Relaxation Response link link for Beyond the Relaxation Response: How to harness the healing power of your personal beliefs
A classic book by Herbert Benson, MD. Based on studies at Boston's Beth Israel Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Herbert Benson showed that relaxation techniques such as meditation have immense physical benefits, from lowered blood pressure to a reduction in heart disease. The Relaxation Response demystifies the mantra meditation used in the Transcendental Meditation program, explaining how anyone can reap its advantages with or without the help of a guru.

Relaxation Response - A few signs of reaching the Relaxation Response

  • Jaw slightly open, not clenched.
  • Forehead smooth.
  • Facial muscles soft and less well defined.
  • Neck muscles soft.
  • More frequent swallowing.
  • Neck pulse less visible and slower.
  • Abdominal breathing.
  • Lengthened breathing cycle.
  • Exhalation less controlled.
  • Extremities warm, heavy, or tingling.
  • Palms are consistent pink (not speckled or white).
  • Fingernail beds consistent pink.
  • Legs separate slightly (if seated).
  • Toes point outward more (if lying on back).
  • Shoulders drop.
  • Feel the pull of gravity.
  • Lightness.
  • Time perception altered (time expands or contracts).
  • Increased salivation.
  • Heart rate slower.
  • Heartbeats less pronounced.
  • Growling in stomach.
  • Increased or decreased awareness of hunger or thirst.
  • Awareness of gas in intestines.
  • Increased awareness of bladder fullness.
  • Blank spots (not knowing where the mind was the last few seconds).
  • Loss of sensory proprioceptive input (can't feel clothing jewelry or position of hand in contact with other surfaces).
  • Eyelids stop fluttering with eyes closed.
  • Felt like floating on a cloud or sinking (melting) into the rug.

Note that these feelings are the opposite of what is experienced in the Fight Or Flight Response!

Relaxation Training Techniques (examples)

Autogenic training: Feelings of warmth/heaviness which are generated by means of self suggestion (self hypnosis). e.g. "My right arm is getting heavy and warm."

Guided imagery/visualization: Create a visual image or kinesthetic feeling to recall a successful event (in sports, in a social setting, in a job interview, etc.)

Progressive relaxation: Tensing specific muscles (arms, legs, back, shoulders) at varying levels of contraction to develop awareness & control of tension. When the body is then allowed to relax, little by little, creating total awareness of each part to control tension.

Quieting reflex: Combines progressive relaxation, autogenic training and cognitive stress management with systematic respiration to create a short intense method of achieving instant functional relaxation.


A complete or partial disappearance of the signs and symptoms of disease in response to treatment. The period during which a disease is under control. A remission, however, is not necessarily a cure. The opposite of exacerbation.

ALL healing processes are gradual with remissions and exacerbations. It is just that the remissions tend to be further apart and the exacerbations less severe till it is over. If you keep a diary you will see this. Often, until you have been doing the SR correctly for about 6 months, your exacerbations can still be bad.

Remember, that the natural progression of chronic conditions is expecting each exacerbation to be MORE severe.

RHD - Rheumatic Heart Disease

Walt's MVP Article
The most important manifestation of and sequel to rheumatic fever, i.e., any cardiac involvement in rheumatic fever.

River visualization of thoughts

Why it works so well in meditation
"What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn't have any doubt--it is sure where it is going, and it doesn't want to go anywhere else."
-- Hal Boyle

In visualizing a gentle river, with your thoughts just being little leaves floating down the river, that you simply observe and you don't even try to steer, you are actively resting your brain. Neither the river nor you have any doubt, debate, or decision.

RLS - Restless Legs Syndrome

Walt's Restless Legs Q&A Archive
Colorado HealthNet RLS Main Page
Legs characterized by or showing inability to remain at rest, day or night.

Robert - Robert McFerran

Walt's Metabolic Type and ER4YT Diets Q&A Archive- where Robert's draft book on curing arthritis is
Another Place where Robert's Draft book and the 3 diets are, but the most-recent versions of the different chapters/write-ups


Rolfing Web Page
Walt's Massage/Rolfing Q&A Archive
Named after Dr. Ida P. Rolf, a holistic system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that organized the whole body in gravity. People seek Rolfing as a way to ease pain and chronic stress, and to improve performance in their professional and daily activities. Rolfing creates a more efficient use of the muscles, allows the body to conserve energy, and creates more economical and refined patterns of movement. Rolfing significantly reduces chronic stress and changes in the body structure.

Rolfing is a very deep muscle manipulation, actually moving muscles around and breaking up adhesions of muscle to bone, which may limit movement.

Call (800) 447-0150 for information about Rolfing and the names of the closest Certified Rolfers. Call (800) 938-0942 for information about the best book I know: "Bodies, Health and Consciousness" by Rosie Speigel (a senior instructor at the Rolfing Institute).


See also Acne
Chronic inflammation of the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, and-or eyelids. Rosacea is a persistent skin disorder that produces redness, tiny pimples, and broken blood vessels, usually on the central area of the face. A close relative of acne and, as such, most of the things that will resolve acne will also resolve Rosacea.

The only big difference is that candida-related syndrome is almost always a major contributing cause of Rosacea (Walt has yet to see a case of Rosacea that did not clear up by addressing candida and its causes.) and not of acne--although is can be associated.

Rotation Diet

Some foods may yield a rather mild reaction, but they do inflict some inflammation in the intestinal tract. Repetitive eating of this mild food allergen will cause a slow, cumulative loss of well-being as inflammation in the gut accumulates. A rotation diet is a strategy to space certain foods and certain food groups apart by anywhere from 4-7 days to avoid this cumulative effect. This doesn't mean that on one day that you are allowed to have several ingestions of the food allergen -- rather eat it only once and then wait a week before you eat it again.