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Walking Improves Mental Processing (Nature July 29, 1999;400:418-419.) Small increases in aerobic fitness selectively improve mental fitness, particularly the so-called executive control functions of the brain, according to study results. Executive control functions -- such as the ability to plan, coordinate, schedule, as well as selectively focus on information in the environment and ignore extraneous information -- typically show the largest decline with normal aging. The nice result of this study is that a person who has not been physically active during his or her younger years still can benefit from walking. Improved oxygenation of tissue through increased cardiorespiratory fitness translated into improved brain-blood flow, specifically to the frontal and prefrontal areas of the brain that control executive control processes. Dr. Mercola's comment: The study found benefit with 45 minutes of walking 3 days a week. Walking is an incredibly powerful tool to stay healthy.

Walking Meditation

As taught to a TT practice group by Bante Kurda, a Buddhist Monk:
Clasp your hands either in the front or in the back. Then take one step and breathe in. Then take another step and breathe out. You could silently say "So" when you inhale and "Hum" when you exhale. Bante said it is simply walking without a destination. Everyone in attendance found this Walking Meditation to be very profound.


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Walt's Warts Q/A Archive
Warts are caused by viruses and can even occur inside the urethra, inside the vagina, and inside the mouth. Recurrent warts are caused by the individual's immunity being down. Therefore, the best permanent solution is a wellness program. The most effective short-term solution isself-hypnosis.

Walt's Self-Hypnosis techniques for Warts: I never had a failure by the simple procedure below: I would carefully examine the warts and fuss over them. Then I would say that I had the perfect solution to resolve them and that it always worked. I would go to the cabinet and get a bottle of Methylene Blue (Any scientist would know that it is perfectly indelible, and that there was no way to get it off the skin except to let it wear off. It costs practically nothing and there are no side effects.) I would then carefully use the wooden end of a Q-Tip to transfer the stain, step by step, to the warts.

I would be sure it was dry before allowing them to leave the room. That gave me more time to practice with my "rattles, beads and feathers" of the modern medical profession AND, more importantly, it kept the stain from getting on anything else, since it is permanent on anything it touches.

I would then tell the person that, as the color went away, so would the warts (about 4-6 weeks). I have never had it to fail, no matter how long they had been there or how many there were. NO PAIN AND VERY INEXPENSIVE.

Washing Produce

One person's suggestion: I've been washing my veggies/fruits this very simple and inexpensive way: I squirt a little of my liquid dish detergent into the scrubbed sink, soak the produce a few minutes and then rinse once in vinegar water (I always keep a gallon bottle of the cheapest vinegar I can find under my sink). I finish this with another rinse of clear water. The vinegar as most people know will "cut" any soap residue left on the veggies. I don't measure the vinegar - I just tilt the bottle and pour some according to how much water I'm using.

I've done this for some 15 years, and it's served me and my family very well. I know you can't remove what's on the inside, but just think how many people touch, sneeze, cough, etc. on the vegetables in the grocery least this washing and rinsing process will remove most of that!

WBC - White Blood Cells - or White Blood cell Count


Any activity or exercise where one's body weight is supported by a joint, then the joint is bent under this load. For example: a knee joint bent when walking.

When a person has arthritis, Baker's Cyst, etc. in a knee joint, any weight-bearing exercise like walking or dancing or climbing stairs just increases the pressure within the joint, and in the worst case, grinds the joint further into the bone.

That's why Walt only recommends water-exercise for people with such conditions. The water supports much of the weight of the body, allowing the exercise which strengthens the muscles without further grinding away the joints. Every joint movement under load is just one fewer movement that joint is capable of experiencing during that person's lifetime.


Walt's How to be Healthy Article
Walt's Wellness Q&A Archive
Living The Ten Tenets of Wellness
Taking responsibility for your own health by: Learning how to stay healthy; Practicing good health habits and giving up harmful ones; and Responding to your body's warning signs before something serious happens. Wellness involves the health of the whole person. See Walt's How To Be Healthy article.

From an allopathic medical paradigm (viewpoint), wellness means eating well, exercising, and early detection of disease. They try to detect disease early so that they can provide drugs and surgery sooner. In a study done on providing increased care on a medical wellness basis, they found a 20% increase in deaths and an overall decrease in health of the participants due to the "treatments". This study suggests that the wellness philosophy of ALLOPATHIC medicine is ineffective and dangerous.

Wellness: Small Changes You Can Use to Make a Big Difference link
A book of 32 Wellness processes, covering areas from nutrition to exercise to preventative healthcare to self-awareness by Regina Ryan and John Travis, M.D.

Whole Dog Journal

Whole Dog Journal
A monthly guide to natural dog care and training. By far, the greatest newsletter for helping pets with conventionally poorly-resolved conditions. Call (800) 829-9165 to subscribe.

Whole Foods Diet

Walt's Whole Foods Diet Summary and Q&A Archive
Based on the book: The Healing Power of Whole Foods, by Beth Loiselle.
Whole foods are those that man has not yet refined. The basic reason for refining has been so that the shelf life will be much longer (No self-respecting fungus or bug will eat it. They know better.) The only reason that humans survive eating refined foods is that we are the most complex organisms on the planet. That does not stop us from becoming chronically ill, though, as a result.

For example, an unpeeled potato is "whole" and a peeled potato is not. Most of the essential nutrients are in the peeling. Nearly all the calories are in the white stuff inside. An unpeeled wheat grain is "whole" and the refined wheat has had the "peeling removed" = white flour. Brown rice is whole and white rice is not.


Winners are the people who do the things that losers do not want to do!


A substance-specific organic brain syndrome that follows the cessation of use or reduction in intake of a psychoactive substance that had been regularly used to induce a state of intoxication. Actually this extremely-strong withdrawal feeling applies whether it's a drug, a food, an activity, a thought, etc. that one is addicted to and which one stops.

Dr. Stoll once pointed out that an alcoholic actually feels better when he has a drink. That doesn't mean it's good for you to drink. You are in actuality trying to break an addiction. That means you will feel stressed and horrible until you get over it...unfortunately, if you keep going back (or never eliminate) the stuff you're trying to quit, you will never get beyond the withdrawal and start to feel good.


The ability to create vivid mental pictures of things NOT WANTED but which will no doubt be achieved because of misguided concentration. What we vividly picture in our minds is what our energies are ultimately committed to achieving.

Worried Well

A term used by health professionals to describe individuals who feel unhealthy, but whose physical examination and lab tests are normal.

WPW - Wolfe-Parkinson-White

Walt's WPW Summary & Q/A Archive
Cardiac Dysrrhythmias; common causes and what one can do about them.
A congenital, structural defect in the electrical conducting structures of the heart.

WPW is one of the few cardiac Dysrrhythmias that have a structural (genetic) cause, so surgery frequently will help --- but many times the surgery needs to be repeated. WPW is always aggravated by other things, and those things are a lot easier to do something about than having the surgery. Even if dealing with the other causes is not enough to totally relieve the condition, doing away with them would make any surgery a lot more likely to be successful.

WTSWYTTYS - What To Say When You Talk To Yourself link
A book on motivation and mental programming by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.