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Why My License Was Revoked

This is such a typical example of how Medical Licensing Boards harass physicians who offer their patients alternatives to the Allopathic Monopoly, I thought I would enter the below for your consideration:

Why Was I Attacked?

he reason I had been targeted was not personal. I have been urging electronic highway participants to understand what is going on with the Allopathic Monopoly's crusade against anything they see as competition to their ascendancy for the past 5 years.

The AMA policy, throughout the country, is to attack any licensed physician who becomes successful in the public eye for offering any alternatives to strictly conventional medicine. However, in recent years, they have learned to attack the physician for trivial complaints not related to their practice of alternatives. That way, the physician must not only defend against the trivial complaint but prove that s/he is being targeted because of the practice of alternatives. This greatly increases the cost of each court appearance and time needed to prepare. Since the purpose is only to wear down the physician until they are no longer able to resist, this new wrinkle has been most helpful to the AMA's goal of eliminating these advanced physicians from competition.

When I first learned how much more I was helping my patients, by offering them some of these alternatives, I naively went directly to the local medical society and talked to the program director about getting on the program to try to share what I had learned. Since "a prophet is rarely welcome in his/her own land", I gave him a list of nationally known experts (with a great track record of communicating these concepts) that they could bring in to speak. They, of course contacted the AMA for information about these physicians and were told that they were on the alternative medical "hit list" for attack by the AMA already. Of course, that was the end of my trying to share with my colleagues. From that time on, I started hearing, from many sources, that "Dr Stoll was a Quack". I later learned that this was the word given out to the organized physicians in KY to tell anyone who would listen.

Since I was barred from sharing with my "colleagues", I felt my only option was to go to the public. After all, they were the ones who would profit from the information. Of course, this REALLY made the KMLB mad. I was, in essence, "going over their heads" to get to the patients.

I had a regular radio program (5 minute spots, 3 times a week) on National Public Radio at the local University of Kentucky station, for several years. Ultimately, the manager of the station was ordered to take me off. He refused, since the conventional physicians already had 4 times as many spots and he believed that the information was valid. Unfortunately, he was within less than a year of retirement (after 30 years of running the station) and they threatened his pension. They said if he wouldn't take me off, they would demote him to an errand boy and his retirement would be based on that salary rather than what he had earned. He called me into his office and, in tears, told me what they had done. He said that, at first, they had just told him that the medical school would withdraw all of its financial support from the station if he did not take me off. When that had no effect, they threatened his pension. He felt he had no recourse but to take me off. He did volunteer to testify at any hearing about this illegal activity but only after his pension was secured and he had retired. He is still available to do that.

In the meantime, I had been giving a regular course (16 hours/semester) at Transylvania University, in Lexington, KY t itled Stress Management Through Wellness. This course became the most successful evening course given at Transylvania during the several years I gave it (each semester and summer session).

I spent at least 8 years giving presentations to local, and national, lay and professional organizations about combining alternatives with conventional medicine. I was featured in articles about this in the New York Times, Newsweek and many syndicated newspaper articles. I once went back and looked at my schedule, during those years, and couldn't imagine how I had kept it up. In addition to keeping a full schedule of patients, I coordinated the many other professionals at my centre AND spent at least 4 nights a week, and every weekend, giving (or taking) a conference somewhere. I was so enthusiastic at seeing the benefits for my patients, as well as my own personal health ("Physician Heal Thyself"), that I had boundless energy.

The centre grew to the point where we had a gross of over $800,000.00 per year (I took home $50,000 and poured any more profits back into education and patient services). At that time I had a team of professionals, all working together to offer the most appropriate option for each particular patient: Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Chaplain with Masters degree in counseling, Biofeedback instructor, Reflexologist, Aroma Therapist, Applied Kinesiologist, therapeutic massage, Holistic Dentist, etc. All in all we could offer evaluation and treatment in 15 different healing philosophies. My job was to integrate all of these approaches AND to provide the Allopathic Medicine techniques which still are the best approach for some conditions.

The average Family Practitioner has a net of 50% of the gross. We had less than 10%. This was not because of bad management, however, it was because one of the built in problems (from the physician's financial viewpoint) of the holistic medical approach to these chronic health problems: Most of the cost is up front while figuring out the causes of the problems AND teaching the patient how to deal with them. Within 6-12 months, the patient doesn't need the Holistic Medical Practitioner any more for those problems. They are much less likely to need more help in the future since the same things that helped them with those chronic problems always help prevent others. There is NO WAY that a practitioner of this approach can make as much money as those who only treat symptoms and run tests. The real money is in seeing many patients for a short period of time each. Once a patient is "established" that is exactly what happens---as anyone reading this will attest.

When I practiced conventional medicine, I had to stop taking new patients within 6 months of opening my practice--I was too busy. When I practiced effective holistic medicine, I saw an average of 2.5 new patients every day (4 days a week). The only way I could stay in practice was to keep seeing new patients because THEY KEPT GETTING WELL!

The "Black Propaganda" by the medical profession in KY was able to "dry up" that source and over a few years the gross dropped below $100,000. My old patients DID keep coming back to me since we had proven, by results, that we were NOT "Quacks". Since the ones who had followed our recommendations were basically healthy, they didn't need us very much and so they did not make up enough patient flow to keep us in business.

However, those who had never seen us couldn't believe "Organized Medicine" would not tell the public the truth---- therefore Dr Stoll MUST be a "Quack" preying on the public.

I have had several of my true "peers" lose their licenses simply because they had written excellent books about all this. If we were successful, we became targets. In spite of this, I decided to write my book anyhow. As it turned out, 18 months after leaving practice and the state to write my book, the licensing board got up their courage to revoke my license. Because of that action I had nothing to lose by publishing.

The Excuse the Kentucky Medical Licensing Board Finally Used to Revoke My License

About 5 years before this action, a woman from New York State called my office for help. By that time the harassment by the licensing board (KMLB) had been going on for 10 years and I had had to close my big Multidisciplinary Centre in Lexington. From a staff of 15+, I was down to practicing out of my home with no staff. As a consequence, all phone calls were answered by machine and I called people back when I was no longer seeing patients. This explanation is to let you know that all return calls were on my dime. The importance of that datum will be obvious later.

She had heard that I was having a lot of success with patients the Allopathic Monopoly had been unable to help. By then, I was getting patients from all over the continent, the Caribbean and as far away as China. She had been to see at least 10 different physicians, for the same long list of problems, over the past 15 years. No one had been able to help her and the current recommendation by her last physician was that she seek psychiatric help: "If the doctor can't figure it out, it MUST be the patient's fault!"

The first time I called her back, we spent about an hour on the phone. Mainly, this was her listing her many symptoms in great detail. I told her that I couldn't really help her unless she got all of her old records and came to see me in KY. Over the next few months, she called me many times, each return call meant 15 to 30 minutes on the phone. Since she felt that she had already spent all her money seeing all those other physicians, she didn't want to come to KY. Although I told her I could give her the names of physicians in NY who probably could help her as well as I could, she still wanted to call me. My policy had always been to try to get people to a physician close to them so they could spend their resources solving their problem rather than on transportation.

Finally, since I had recommended to her many of the resources I have shared on my website and in my book, over the past year, she became convinced that she had Candida-Related Syndrome and wanted me to authorize a competent laboratory to do a stool test for Candida. At the time the best lab for making that diagnosis, in this country, was in Arizona. It was also the best lab, by far, for diagnosing parasites of all kinds (of course, Candida is just another parasite). I called the director of the lab and discussed her case with him. He agreed to send her a stool test kit with instructions. She paid him directly for all his services.

He sent the report back to me since I was the one who had ordered it--standard procedure for all laboratories in the country. She had 4 (four) major parasites--including Candida. I called him again and discussed his findings over the phone. At that time, he was making photomicrographs of all parasites found in any specimen so there could be no doubt of any diagnoses: he may have missed some but he could not invent a picture of something that was not there.

I had told the New York person that there was only one lab in this country I would send such a specimen to since the Center for Disease Control, in Atlanta, had agreed with several studies showing that local laboratories only found one in 50 of the parasites that were actually present in a specimen--as compared with expert specialty labs like this one. I had investigated several such labs and knew this one to be the best.

I then made a copy of her test results along with everything about the each parasite and its diagnosis, symptoms and treatment, from Harrison's Textbook of Internal Medicine (the standard textbook for medical schools in this country). ALL of her symptoms were explained by the findings of this lab!

I sent all that information to her along with the names, addresses, and phone numbers, of several physicians in New York who would know how to interpret the lab reports as well as what to do about them. Since she had never obtained any of her medical records to show me, I advised her that she would need them to avoid having to repeat all that had already been done in the past.

When I had not heard from her in a couple of months (VERY unusual by that time), I added up the actual cost of my phone charges, copying costs and postage and sent her a bill for about $62. I made no allowance for any of the time I had spent since I had never actually seen her.

Her response was a very indignant letter saying she would NEVER pay me that bill because: she had taken all that I had sent her to the last physician she had seen--the one who had had no idea what was causing her symptoms and had recommended a psychiatrist. He scoffed at the possibility that she could have parasites as a cause of her many symptoms (in spite of the fact that those same symptoms were clearly described in the reprints from the same text he probably had in medical school) although photomicrographs of her actual parasites were attached to the reports.

He had no idea of what WAS causing her symptoms but he KNEW that it couldn't be parasites! Rather than check with the lab in AZ, he sent another specimen to the (CDC certified INCOMPETENT to diagnose parasites) local lab which, of course, found nothing.

I wrote back that I thought she was foolish to not even look into whether treating what had been found would get rid of her symptoms after she had spent so many years looking. I also told her that I thought the physician she had taken the results to was as incompetent to help her in this area as the lab he used was incompetent to make these diagnoses. Finally, I told her if she chose to continue only her allopathic approaches, in the light of the certified lab results, that she "deserved what she got". I even told her that she would be wise to keep a file of all the information so, when she had suffered for a few more years with her symptoms, she could call one of the local physicians I had recommended and get well.

Her response to THAT was to make an "official complaint" to the KMLB that I was a "Quack". Later, when she realized that the KMLB was going to take this seriously, she refused to testify at a deposition at her own home (so she would not be the least inconvenienced to tell her story). The lawyer for the KMLB then told MY lawyer that the case was being dropped "for lack of substance". That was a number of years prior to the board's final action against my license and I had heard nothing more about it until a friend of mine sent me a newspaper clipping that my license had been revoked for attempting to treat a patient without ever seeing her. About a week after the KMLB action, I got the official announcement from them in the mail.

This was the first complaint I had ever had from a patient in 30+ years of practice. There had been at least 10 "official complaints" by the licensing board over the years I offered alternatives to my patients--I had had none while I only knew to practice conventional medicine. Most of these were from other physicians whose patients came back to them well--after that physician had treated them for many years without results. Patients had wondered why Dr Stoll immediately knew what to do and they were well in a few months. Instead of calling me to try to learn something, docs would make a complaint to the KMLB for Dr Stoll "practicing unconventional medicine". Instead of being happy for their patients that they were well, the docs were threatened by that happening.

Each time, after a lot of research, legal expense and psychological stress on my part, KMLB would say: "the case was being dropped for lack of substance". However they would NEVER give me anything in writing so when anyone would contact them about Dr Stoll, they could say the cases were still pending. That way, I could not get a license in another state. This is standard practice (although illegal) throughout the country--see references below.

Having been stripped of my License to Practice Medicine, I cannot see patients. Having left the state to write my book, Saving Yourself From the Disease-Care Crisis, I had not practiced medicine for 18 months before the KMLB finally got around to taking my license. They just bet that I would not be willing to travel from FL to KY many times to defend myself in court and they were right.

This is another example of the vicious vindictiveness of the process that is going on all over the country. The KMLB knew that I did not intend to ever go back to KY. I had taken a year in Illinois to finish my book and had moved to Florida, permanently, to be with my wife and grandchildren. They STILL felt it necessary to use the situation I have previously described to take my license. I had been fighting the board for the previous 5 years for the principle of the thing only---it is JUST SO UNFAIR!

I will be happy to answer more but I think you would profit more by looking at the national situation, via the references listed on the website under Conventional vs. Alternative Medicine (References)

Walt Stoll, MD