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FAQ: Information for New Visitors to this site

How can this site help me?

  1. The primary purpose of Dr Stoll's website is to encourage people to help themselves. It does this by providing:
  2. An interactive Bulletin Board for questions and sharing of information and experience
  3. Articles by Dr Stoll on various topics related to alternative health care
  4. Information about Dr Stoll's book: Saving Yourself from the Disease Care Crisis
  5. Archives of past contributions to the Bulletin Board on popular subjects
  6. For more information about the content of the website, see About the Website.

What advice can you give me on using this site?

  1. If you have come to this site to ask a question, please read Before You Ask A Question first! This serves several purposes:
  2. your question will be answered more quickly and completely
  3. Dr Stoll's first response is often "read X, Y, and Z, then ask again if you still have questions". Save your time and his by doing a little reading before posting!

How can I find this site again quickly?

  1. The best way is to go to the Main Page and bookmark it in your browser.In Microsoft Internet Explorer, click "Favorites", then click "Add to Favorites".Then the next time you wish to visit the site, click "Favorites" and you should see Dr Stoll's site in the pulldown menu.
  2. From Netscape Navigator, click on the Bookmark button and then you can file in your bookmark folders
  3. Avoid bookmarking a post on the Bulletin Board These are archived and removed every few months, so this type of bookmark stops working eventually. However, bookmarking your posts to the Bulletin Board is a good short term method of quickly reading responses to your messages. See How To Use The Bulletin Board for more tips.