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Re: Candida Amalgams Help Please

April 30, 2013 12:50AM
Hi Harry6,

Sounds like you have several issues:

1) amalgams
2) candida
3) weight (keep it on)

You will most likely need to create strategies for each of these.

About the costs of removing amalgams, it may seem obvious, but shop around. Call or visit different dentists and find out what they do, how they do it, and how much it costs.

About the candida, my suggestion is to get Dr. Stoll's book Beyond Disease Care. Chapter 8 is devoted to helping understand candida and how to resolve it, and many of the other chapters tie in. I would get the book and follow his instructions to the letter.

About keeping on weight, that would involve strategies like eating heavier calorie foods such as oils (which are harder to burn off) and doing things like eating before going to bed, etc.

I hope these suggestions help and hope you let us know how it is going with you.

Best wishes,

Co-author with Walt Stoll, MD of the book "Recapture Your Health"
Director, Stoll Foundation for Holistic Health
Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Nurse Aide
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Candida Amalgams Help Please

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Re: Candida Amalgams Help Please

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