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Re: Aspirin, Warfarin Fare Equally for Heart Failure Patients

February 05, 2012 12:28PM
interesting post...

Not that I am one to take anything that doesn't produce a result, and Mighty fast, since they are the only things that I can think or say do anything. Been doing it, since when at my worst, things I was tested for were all normal. I have tried and have Many supplements, from herbs, to vitamins, to other things, on occasion I hit upon something that helped, and some things helped dramatically. I will take aspirins on occasion, just in case I may need it., though I never notice any difference. I have had D for many years, and D3, and take them on occasion. I'm not sold that I need it, and don't feel like being tested, and I Am a nighttime person, and function Much better at night, partly I think because traffic is a lot lighter, with even fewer people out and about.. I never really enjoyed the sun, like some do, and seem to be sensitive to it. It Does feel good when Cold out, where it counters the cold, but Not when warm, and I avoid being in it when I can, because I Overheat.

The post on aspirins, made me think, that maybe I should take the supplements I have on occasion, just to get some of them, in case I need them, but not a lot, so if I don't need them, they shouldn't hurt, like some is better than none, but maybe not too much. Even herbs should have nutrients, if not in my diet. I am not one to micromanage, to have all I need, and not have things I don't, because who can know what that might be except for results, and not some tested level, because I doubt anyone could know what really is right for each person, unless you see a result.

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Aspirin, Warfarin Fare Equally for Heart Failure Patients

Sapphire 1844 February 04, 2012 04:37PM

Re: Aspirin, Warfarin Fare Equally for Heart Failure Patients

VF 994 February 05, 2012 12:28PM

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