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new Reader's Digest- several health things

September 18, 2018 11:15AM
cover is 50 old remedies that science is finding works

things like honey for wounds and lots of other interesting things-worth a read.

In small medical blurb before that article on page 53 is a reference to a study that compared people taking ibuprofen to low dose aspirin. The people taking aspirin had a lot more muscle strength than the people taking ibuprofen.

Colleague* was just asking me, yesterday about breavement leave . I asked her if someone was sick and she said her dad.. Her bros think he's on his way out, but she said he's been like that before and has pulled out and gotten healthier. We talked about some of the effects of meds ( a neighbor in the hospital went nuts on one med and came back to himself after it was discontinued ). Some anesthetic was found to produce demetia like effects for weeks after using it. Low B-12 can seem like dementia, and, of course, as we get older, we don't absorb nutrients as well.
Is that a natural thing of aging or is it that we have SO many antibiotics thrown at us each time we get ill, as an older person, that our gut changes from it? (I've avoided antibiotics for the last 14 years and just go back to whole foods when I get sick. Works so far.

She* was saying she actually moved back to her folks' hometown for 5 years (her mom died two years ago), but that part of her dad's recoveries came from her making him eat and looking after him and the bros. don't get involved enough. But it's a place without jobs and she has 5 kids to support.

Reckon lots of old people become deficient in nutrients, not eating enough of the right foods.
Many people try the nutritional drinks, but all the one's I've seen have been dairy based.

Somewhere in that same Reader's Digest they talked about milk alternatives, that soy ones have a better nutritional profile than others and that 65% of adults can't digest cow's milk right.

OH-- don't know if i POSTED THIS YET, BUT, WHEN MY HUSBAND'S RECENT VA LAB TESTS FROM HIS YEARLY CHECKUP CAME BACK-- they had tested vitamin d and b-12!!!

I find it encouraging that medicine is starting to look at those things.

Those have never been on his lab results before.

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new Reader's Digest- several health things

chimi 355 September 18, 2018 11:15AM

article about bullies-nice

chimi 122 September 19, 2018 10:44AM

Re: article about bullies-nice

Jan DeCourtney, CMT 150 September 22, 2018 10:11PM

Re: new Reader's Digest- several health things

Jan DeCourtney, CMT 129 September 22, 2018 10:11PM

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