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Tibetan Foot Soaks

January 29, 2019 10:14AM
Hi Folks,

I'm finding that as I age, the fat pads on my feet are getting thinner and my feet feel a bit sore at the end of most days. I'm not sitting a lot any more. I put my computer on a stand-up stand so I'm on my feet instead of sitting. It's a great improvement.

However I also have some clients who suffer from various foot maladies. Besides edema, I can see the issues that lack of circulation and care to the feet can cause -- bunions, hammertoes, twisted toes, toenail fungus, and all kinds of icky looking stuff.

I bought some toe spacers on ebay, I wear them sometimes at night, and I think that helped my feet become straighter. It definitely helped cure my bunion. Also I have made part of my (okay it should be daily or even every other day, but life happens, you know) morning exercise routine to be foot exercises. I walk on my toes, on my heels, on either side of the feet and I do some simple strengtheners. Calf stretching is also important.

So to foot soaks. I found this article and I think it could be a good preventive. Maybe do it twice a week? Or once a week, at home.

Hmmm, the article doesn't tell what herbs they use. More research needed.

I found some cloth buckets at Ebay that might work for this. I need to find some liners, to be able to use this for my clients.

Best wishes,


Circulation Medicinal, Herbal Foot Soaks
Circulation Medicinal, Herbal Foot Soaks benefit many health concerns including: diabetic neuropathy, high blood pressure, immune system, skin conditions (acne, rosacea), digestion, pain, tension, stress, insomnia, foot pain, micro- circulation, enhances metabolism, relieves fatigue, increases immune system function, and affects entire endocrine system.

“When a tree dies, it’s the roots that die first, when a person ages, it is the feet that age first”

– Ancient Chinese proverb

Circulation Medicinal, Herbal Foot Soaks promote and stabilize circulation. Circulation Medicinal, Herbal Foot Soaks are recommended for internal health conditions that are chronic and keep coming back.

Circulation Medicinal, Herbal Foot Soaks excel in supporting: diabetic neuropathy, high blood pressure, immune system, skin conditions (acne, rosacea), digestion, pain, tension, stress, insomnia, foot pain, micro-circulation, enhances metabolism, relieves fatigue, increases immune system function, and affects the entire endocrine system.


Inflammation causes the immune system to engage and accelerate the aging process. A snow globe of sediment settles and does not nourish body. Anything that is outside of the cells, will tend to sediment downward. The heart pumps blood via the arteries and pushes blood throughout the body, but, it depends on our muscular movement to bring that blood back. Once we are injured, or, spend more time sitting down, we get really poor venous return. The blood that is going out and being used, but, isn’t coming back. We get a lot of “dead blood” that is not carrying oxygen, not carrying nutrients, and, as a result, it will die. This dead tissue is getting coagulated and sticky. This is what sets the stage for chronic inflammation, aging, potential for strokes and heart attacks. Once we get an area of the body that is inflamed and the platelets of the body are sticky, that inflammation causes the immune system to engage and it accelerates the aging process. (Picture a tree rotting at it’s base. Similarly, we age by accumulating garbage and debris which start to interact with the Fascia of our feet.)

Chronic Pain
Feet arches need to be soft. Fascia and muscles of our feet act like interacting arches. As you take a step, you create a spiral of force that is easy and supports the body. Once you lose that elasticity of your feet, If your arches are rigid, a zig zag of shock occurs and creates pain throughout body, ankle to knee to low back to neck / along the spine in the vertebrae from low back to neck, blood not circulating fluidly. It makes you not want to get up and move around so much. This is a vicious cycle that can lead to many chronic diseases.

By doing Circulation Medicinal, Herbal Foot Soaks with pharmaceutical grade herbs, you are restoring the conditions of the foot, the action of the heat and the herbs encourages heart to pump blood a little bit faster. The foot soaks mimic going out to exercise, so, this is perfect for someone who is injured, or, in pain, which is really important for our lungs, muscles, heart, and entire endocrine system.

What to Expect
Result: blood pressure drops ½ hour after soaks, relaxation, release of stress and toxins. (If you have high blood pressure and you soak for 45 mins, you may see an increase in blood pressure)

Benefits: Diabetic neuropathy 97.5% effective rate (research shows), reduces high blood pressure, improves immune system, clears skin conditions (acne, rosacea), improved digestion, relieves pain, tension, stress, insomnia (76% research), eases foot pain, improves microcirculation, enhances metabolism, relieves fatigue, increases immune system function, affects entire endocrine system

General Info
Contraindicated: Not advisable for: extremely hungry people (eat snacks before), sudden low blood sugar crashes, not long term for children because it’s too warming, (constipation 1-2 foot soaks), don’t do under drafts or outside, avoid within 30 mins of full meal; not for metastatic cancer; infection, heart disease, bleeding, any condition that is worse with circulation.

Temp: 100-113 F degrees. 48-43 C. Keep adding hot water. We take care of this at the Dova Center. At home, you will want to use a thermometer and add hot water every 10 minutes or so.

Use good water. Can use tap water.

Water basin – Use one that covers the ankles. Wooden buckets are excellent. Avoid bronze or iron because it reacts chemically with herbs. We want to keep the herbs in their most natural form.

Time – 20-30 mins for general health. Chronic pain, hypertension, hormonal imbalances: up to 45 mins.

Comfortable chair. No tv, cell phone. Breathe deeply and relax. This is a good time for meditation.

Sensation: The sensation of the Circulation Medicinal, Herbal Foot Soaks occurs in stages for most patients. You will feel heat to feet, up to shin at first. Over a couple of weeks you may feel warmth between kidneys, a pulsing feeling, eventually spreading throughout entire body as it impacts circulation.

Co-author with Walt Stoll, MD of the book "Recapture Your Health"
Director, Stoll Foundation for Holistic Health
Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Nurse Aide
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Tibetan Foot Soaks

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