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Re: Tibetan Foot Soaks

January 29, 2019 10:36AM
cloth buckets would be hard to get the bacteria out of. Thrift stores often have the plastic rectangular appliances MEANT for foot soaking, for not much money. Another possibility would be hard plastic five gallon buckets- 2.99 at walmart or napa auto parts, hardware stores vary from 2.99 to 4.99 for a hard plastic 5 gallon bucket. These can handle bleach and very hot water, so you can get them clean (or buy one for each client and write their name on it).
Note: the lids cost extra and you p[robably don't need them.

Soaking is great. So are simple foam inserts for shoes- the kind that cost one or two dollars at Dollar General (they sell two different thicknesses, depending on home much room you have in your shoes.

Years ago, I hard hard calluses on my feet. I rubbed an A,D, and E oiontment that I bought at Puritan's Pride into them for weeks, but saw no difference. THEN, one day I actually had time to take a bath and long soak, instead of a quick shower. The hard stuff came off easily, and I had beautiful new looking skin underneath.

Many people NEVER take a bath, just showers. There are SO many benefits to soaking. If they can't do a bathtub, though, foot soaks are sure a good choice.
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Tibetan Foot Soaks

Jan DeCourtney, CMT 292 January 29, 2019 10:14AM

Re: Tibetan Foot Soaks

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Re: Tibetan Foot Soaks

chimi 118 January 29, 2019 10:36AM

Re: Tibetan Foot Soaks

Jan DeCourtney, CMT 121 January 29, 2019 11:35PM

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