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EAT DIRT!!!--what does the immune system need?

March 12, 2019 03:24PM

the factor that is seldom mentioned in reports of the flu pandemic of 1917-8 is whether there existed a lot of people whose immune systems were not at their best.
It was a time of world war, so stress levels were high . Did the nations funding arms and armies divert a lot to that cause. Were populations low on food? Were families large and having trouble getting adequate nutrition?
And what about this new-fangled hygiene idea.

Fast forward to today. Too much carbs, not enough eggs and fish. Decades of mom in the work force, kids coming home and locking themselves in the house- not playing in the sun and getting exercise. Eating takeout and nukeables.

And our notion of hygiene. Not just not playing in the dirt, but living in extreme cleanliness.
Teachers lining up the kindergarten for squirts of alcohol-based antibacterial gel when what we fear are VIRUSES-colds, flu, measles, etc.

And, are we making the kids germ phobic in the process? Is that the beginning of OCD? Does it contribute to fertility rates down the line (condoms, rubber gloves, fear of others' 'germs'?

And what of the good bacteria we are killing, too.

Antibiotics, oftewn used inappropriately, have messed with our gut bacteria, also making us more vulnerable.

WHO says the next pandemic is WHEN , not IF. OK. Whatever ELSE you decide to do about this, shouldn't we all be working on our immune systems?
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EAT DIRT!!!--what does the immune system need?

chimi 19 March 12, 2019 03:24PM

Irish Lace by Andrew Greeley

chimi 10 March 14, 2019 11:07AM

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