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Irish Lace by Andrew Greeley

March 14, 2019 11:07AM
Is just another book the Universe threw into my reading pile via a library sale. I've read books by that author about a chicago bishop who solves mysteries. This one is about an Irish immigrant girl (age 19) in Chicago who solves mysteries.

Within the book is the story of a confederate prisoner of war camp in Chicago during the civil war -it was over crowded with little food. One prisoner reports having a single slice of bread and his fellow prisoners catching rats to eat. People died there of smallpox, due to overcrowding, cold, hunger. No doubt stress, as well.
The disease effect equation should always include all the impacts upon the immune system-why do some people die or a disease and others survive it?

The exerpts about the camp, and also letters written by Irish immigrants in Chicago circa 1858, are taken from historical archives. One Irishman, writing several letters to his brother in Ireland, recounts the difficulty finding work in Chicago, the cold shack his family lives in, his finding one day of work a week for 50 cents a day, the church helping some with food, but having huge amounts of people to try to help, and not having enough food to distribute. His family dies of cold, starvation, different members, letter by letter until the last few of them die-two of the measles in the last letter, with the man left with a 6 year old. He assumes he and the child will also die of the measles and hopes the 6 year old goes before him, as there would be no one left to take care of her-no more letters are received, so it's assumed he and the girl also died of the measles.

There are many elements to the effect of any disease. National borders define death rates. Perhaps we need to put more into helping countries where diseases are more deadly.
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EAT DIRT!!!--what does the immune system need?

chimi 19 March 12, 2019 03:24PM

Irish Lace by Andrew Greeley

chimi 9 March 14, 2019 11:07AM

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