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malnutrition is the bed of measles

April 15, 2019 10:36AM
a quote from this story about Madagascar deaths:


this is the often unstated factor in epidemic deaths- lack of nutrition which, of course, leads to stress and suppressed immune systems.
The flu epidemic of 1918 happened during a time of world war- major stressor and big economic drain.

One of my grandmothers, a teen during WW1, was one of 17 kids. In the 20's and 30's, she had her own 17 kids (7 lived to adulthood). These families were short of the basics (like food).

So, can we address some of our fears of future epidemics with decent nutrition? Might the money we spend on SNAP (food stamps) WIC, and the school breakfast/lunch program be spent on less sugar and white bread and more sensible food? Many school food programs have canned fruit (little plastic cups, actually) instead of fresh.
When snack packs for kids is collecting at the supermarket they had out lists of the foods they desire. They are mostly stuff like poptarts. I always give them a bunch of jars of peanut butter (it's not on the list, but protein ISN"T on the list, in general).

When I was growing up, we'd eat apples off the ground at the apple tree in a vacant lot (shining them on our shirts) and knock pomegranates out of trees between the sidewalk and the street with sticks and eat them.
Ate all kinds of wild berries and cherries that we would pick on hikes to the outskirts of town.
We had the taste buds and desire for fresh fruit. Wouldn't children today eat fresh fruit, if made available?

When gov't (or even organizations) plant trees, why not make them food trees?

All this press about disease, can't we empower people to take steps to make their immune systems stronger?

A daily multivitamin or even a vitamin D tab might be a good start in overhauling our attempts to feed people.
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malnutrition is the bed of measles

chimi 10 April 15, 2019 10:36AM

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