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Re: BIL in Deep doo doo

December 29, 2011 06:15PM
Thought you meant he should have drank more water with the dye in him.)) I don't think he would have or could have changed. I know he knew what to do for diabetes, and balked. If this is the end, he packed a lot into his 83 yrs. He has 3 degrees, and ran for the gov of NJ. Sis balked, but That's what he wanted. Told her to let him be.

I thought it was strange, for a guy who had been in the cemenary, and Very involved with the church, sent his kids to public school, and moved to where the best schools in the area are.
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BIL in Deep doo doo

VF 1696 December 28, 2011 03:59PM

Re: BIL in Deep doo doo

AlexandriaDumas 792 December 28, 2011 04:21PM

Re: BIL in Deep doo doo

silver fox 805 December 29, 2011 03:54PM

Re: BIL in Deep doo doo

VF 911 December 29, 2011 06:15PM

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