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Re: Videos for the day

September 24, 2018 11:58AM
in Europe (I was there for a few years as a kid while my dad was in the military) we would often be delayed by herds of animals in the road-couldn't go anywhere until they got to where they were going- cattle, sheep, goats.
At least the antelope go FAST!!

Back in 2004 I was on a highway in a rural area of the Texas Panhandle and cattle filled the road and just mosied --
no herders in sight to move them along- just had to wait.

Art Buchwald (humorist) wrote from Paris is the 50's and political stuffd in the 60's. He would write about hitting a goat , I think in Italy, and how the police and townspeople gathered around and discussed how much the American driver should pay the goatman for his goat. A livley discussion would ensue, both for entertainment and justice.
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