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marriage dialogues

June 18, 2018 12:31PM

I like the one about, when the wife needs quiet time, she sends her husband to the store with a list of made up words to try to find and buy.

Reminded me of when I was single and one sister with kids would send me long lists of stuff to buy her kids for Solstice.
Rejecting the $90 wizard robes she wanted for them from a mail order place, I went to Toys R Us where the temp help was as clueless as I was about the toys, which, apparently, were dolls for boys (called action figures, to make them more masculine) from various TV shows, but she didn't include the names of the TV shows, just the names of the characters, which I usually couldn't find. I tried multiple employees on ladders, but they never knew either.

I bought my nephews a lot of Legos, Knex, and erector sets back then, because I couldn't find the other stuff.

suggestion to toy stores: customer computers to enter toy name and get aisle location and larger category it will be in. LIKE, if I search 'venom' it would tell me that it was with spiderman in the Marvel universe. People who shop in toy stores don't all have kids- there's grandparents and aunts and uncles, y'know?

Once I had kids, when I was in Toys R Us, an elderly person would come up to me and tell me her grandson wanted pokemon, and which of these little creatures in the pokemon bin were popular? She wanted my toddlers' opinions, but they had never heard of pokemon back then (we avoided TV, except for PBS and TBN, neither of which had pokemon stuff).
Later, via clean video games, they got into pokemon, but each had their own favorite characters, as I'm sure other kids do.

Back to the computer idea, if a relative's shopping list says 'bulbasaur' or 'ekans' you would type it in to find out you were looking for pokemon (hint to clueless parents writing lists).

Years, ago, I would go to Best Buy and look for dvds while my menfolk were looking attech stuff. Numerous employees would ask me if I wanted help. For titles I couldn't find there, I would accept their help, figuring they knew genres better than I, but they would look it up on their computers behind a counter and tell me I could go buy it at Bestbuy,com.
No thanks. I can certainly find whatever I want online, but, if I'm in a physical store I want to buy something NOW.
Not to mention, when you send me online, I will comparison shop and find someplace cheaper.
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marriage dialogues

chimi 237 June 18, 2018 12:31PM

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