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September 07, 2018 11:05AM
do you want to speak to the man in charge or the woman who knows what's going on around here?

looking for the leak? how about a secretary/ admin asst/ whatever you call them now? The woman who knows what's going on!!?

As for impeachment, good golly, besides the fact it's just bringing charges and conviction takes a LARGE majority, what is the POINT?
If successfully booted out, you get Mike Pence, not Hillary Clinton.

Do most of the people screaming 'impeachment' WANT Mike Pence?

When Trump got elected, I figured it's a ego thing, he'd get bored after a while and, if into strategy, would wait two years and a day after the swearing \in, and step down, letting Mike Pence have it, with the possibility of serving ten years, if he could manage to win a couple of elections.

May we all live in interesting times.

Bernie (I have a soft spot for curmudgeons) wants to go after companies whose employees get govt benefits. He also once said he wanted to reduce the number of deodorants on the market (yes, there are too many, but is this a function of GOVERNMENT?).

Anyway, since there are various gov't programs requiring people to work (or train) 20 hours a week, many of these subsidies were intentionally set up by Dem admins. The ACA also contributed to a lot more part-time jobs-workers can either try to live on part-time jobs plus gov't help or cobble together two or more part-time jobs into more full-time employment with no benefits, no overtime (something that I used to LOVE- getting OT back when full-time and overtime jobs were more normal (YES-pay me time and a half -makes working more worthwhile).

When my husband and I both applied for jobs in 1996-7, we found questions about whether we were on gov't programs on the applications. Best guess was the program to 'get people off welfare' was a subsidy program for employers. No more than two years on welfare? Or a revolving cast of characters forced onto programs who hadn't been there before?
Don't know, just weird questions to have to answer (no, we weren't on any programs-made me suspect that;s why those places didn't hire us).

When my husband found work with LOADS of overtime, one of his coworkers, an older man, had to limit how much overtime he could accept. Had something to do with keeping his wife qualified for the nursing home she was in-too much income would kill the medicaid, even though it wasn't enough income to pay for a nursing home. The employer paid $5.75 an hour (1997), so $8.43 overtime, I think. Nursing homes are too expensive for regular working people.

I know various people in my company (mostly moms, but some older women with sick husbands) who have to work at least 20 hours a week to keep getting their food stamps (SNAP), rent subsidies, and medicaid. One of our few male employees speaks of his wife qualifying for 'injured spouse' income tax thing, due to HIS paying child support out of their joint income (he works full-time and gets medicaid because one of his kids has a $2000 a month prescription.

I feel different NOT being subsidised as an employee- it seems like a normal state for women with kids or with sick family members.

But, besides subsidizing these worthy people , it has also created an environment where many employees, because they AREN'T subsidized, either can't get hired (subsidized employees being more lucrative), or can't get even 20 hours a week (like recent HS grads without kids). And males are less likely to come with subsidies, so it skews the workplace, gender wise.

I'm not sure how sustainable this all is long term.

One the bright side, National Review had an article (somewhat funny) about AMAZON fulfillment centers with full time work and mandatory overtime. Employees who can afford buying a house. There even seems to be a good mix of male and female.

Of course, they work with a lot of robots,

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