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drinking age maps

December 31, 2018 11:35AM

for canada, it says, "subnational" I guess that means the individual provinces set their own drinking age. I remember reading, years ago, in Canada, despite 'national' health care, that what services you can get vary by provinces, I guess due to distribution of health professionals and decisions of local boards.

That's somewhat true, medically, in the US, too.
I had homebirth with midwives. What the insurance would pay for varied by state law- some states allowed lay midwives, others only RN midwives. My insurance would pay for whichever was legal in the particular state-so, some moms on my kind of insurance could hire lay midwives and be reimbursed. others couldn't, depending on the state the birth was in.

Actually, same happened with allergy testing. Friend with same insurance and my family went to a health center in the next state over. The center was headed by an MD, even though she only saw alt practitioner. He drew blood and sent it to the same out-on-state lab as the chiropractor in my state sent sample to. We both got back the same kind of report from the lab. Insurance paid for hers, but not mine, because they wouldn't pay for chiropractors even though it was a lab test, not chiro treatment.

Probably an 'equal protection under the law' issue here, but that happens a lot with health care in the US-unequal treatment, depending where you live, though we all follow the same tax laws and pay accordingly.
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drinking age maps

chimi 283 December 31, 2018 11:35AM

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